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Scholar University Applications

Let our experts handle the German University Applications for you.





Rs. 2499 per application


  • Requirement analysis & discussion
  • Profile evaluation & chance prediction
  • SOP Modification (if necessary)
  • CV Modification (if necessary)
  • Uni Assist VPD (if applicable)
  • ECTS form filling (if applicable)
  • Online Application 
  • Fee Payment Assistance


1-3 working days depending on the readiness of the application documents and orders in queue.


We Are Experts

Our team is well trained to analyse the requirements and carry out the applications on time.

Process Oriented

We have a systematic workflow which ensure your application are filed with precision.

We Value Time

The earlier you apply, the better of your chances with any university. We ensure a speedy yet accurate processing.

University Applications Workflow


Apply Online

Place the online order for service using the link on this page.

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Submit Your Details

Submit your application details via an online form.

CV Preparation


Few Calls and Discussions

We will do the requirement analysis and discuss with your in detail.

Scholar University Application 8


On time Application Submission

We follow our workflow and submit your application on time.

Scholar University Application 9

University Applications Service

German University Applications are a tad bit complicated compared to other countries. Although almost all universities provide application portals, the variety of application types and modes (Uni Assist only, Uni Assist VPD+online, email, hard copies etc.) make it difficult to decode the application patterns for several universities. To top it all, several application portals are only in German, this makes it even more difficult for candidates to trust their instinct in the life changing event of university applications.

This is the problem we would like to address with this service. Our team has been doing the applications since a long time and when it comes to university applications, experience counts. Even a small miss-judgement such as forgetting to sign the document before uploading it, can be very cost the student, his/her dream. If you are looking for professionals to handle your applications, this service is made for you.

Should you Apply for University Applications Service?

University Applications service works best for you in any one of these cases:

  1. You do not have enough time to analyse the requirements and plan your applications.

  2. You do not want to take any chances with the one shot that you have got with your dream universities.

  3. You are unsure of the university application process even after trying it yourself.

  4. You have all the documents ready but your busy life is not allowing you to get started with the application process.

What Does University Application Service include?

It Includes:

  1. Requirement analysis & discussion

  2. Profile evaluation & chance prediction

  3. SOP Modification (if necessary)

  4. CV Modification (if necessary)

  5. Uni Assist VPD (if applicable)

  6. ECTS form filling (if applicable)

  7. Online Application

  8. Fee Payment Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your inbox, you should have received an email with a link to a form where you can enter your profile details and upload files.

You will receive a call shortly after this step once the requirement analysis is completed for your target course.

1-3 working days depending on the readiness of the application documents.

We release the Universities depending on the availability of slots and the deadlines. If you wish to apply for a University which is not listed, please contact us. We will certainly do our best to accommodate your request.

  • This service does NOT include any document preparation (including SOP, LOR and CV).
  • It does NOT include any support beyond the University Applications.
  • It does NOT include the followup of your application.

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Admission Packages

Rs.5000 off for Packages

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