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smarterGerman Courses

These famous online German courses let you master A1-B2 Levels in no time!

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What is smarterGerman?

smarterGerman is an platform developed by Mr. Michael Schmitz where he offers various online courses for German Language learning. Michael has more then 15 years of experience in teaching German language. “Everyday German Course” is one of our favourite courses in smarterGerman platform which can help you reach your goal of learning German up to B1 level in a matter of 180 days!

We have found a perfect online course to get you to German B1 in no time!

Why do we recommend smarterGerman?

We can't stress enough on how important it is to learn German before you go to Germany. Getting to B1 level will make your life very easy in Germany, from purchasing items from grocery stores to finding part time jobs and internships.
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Everyday German Course

Enjoy smarterGerman clear & simple guidance & focus on what matters. Become confident in German at your very own pace.

SmarterGerman has decided to offer a whopping 20% discount on their infamous EverydayGerman course for the rest of the month.

To celebrate the occasion, our Partner, SmarterGerman has decided to offer a whopping 20% discount on their infamous EverydayGerman course for the rest of the month. And to add to that, just like an early Christmas present, they are also offering the B1 Exam Hacking Course for free for everyone who signs up.

So as we said, there's always something to be thankful for!

Refer the link below for more details and registration.

Popular Courses

Everyday German Course

(A1 - B1)

Enjoy smarterGerman clear & simple guidance & focus on what matters. Become confident in German at your very own pace.

B1 Exam Hacking Course

How to prepare efficiently for your German B1 exam so that you have a much higher chance of passing it with a good score.

B2 German Mastery Course

Bring your German to the next level with simple learning techniques & effective tools. Make your journey to B2 a success story.

Your instructors


Michael Schmitz

(Your instructor and Course Creator)

I had been teaching German in several language schools and countries for over 13 years before I got frustated with the current system of teaching German. I never really questioned the system that is still used worldwide by renowned insitutions like the Goethe Institute or Berlitz and Inlingua. But once I stepped out of the system I could see clearly what went and still goes wrong and set out to fix it. This course is just the next step in the evolution of a new era of learning languages starting with German.

Student Reviews

Our students have used the course first to learn German and here’s what they say..

I found Michael’s method and training methodology extremely logical and intuitive. His humor was the cream on top of the delicous cake that my German learning turned into.

It quickly becomes tangible that Michael has over 20 years experience in language teaching which he summons for your benefit. I can only highly recommend working with sG.

So after telling myself for years that I could never, ever get to B1 standard, I got 84.5% on the exam!!! Michael has changed my way of learning languages for life. I now have a system in which I can continue to learn German, not as a rush to the next exam, but as a life long learning process which I enjoy. Who would have thought that was possible?!

I’ve been learning German on and off for a couple of years now and I always called quits out of frustration. I am very much pleased with the efficiency of my learning, all thanks to Michael’s quick pointers and well-structured learning approach.

Working with smarterGerman got me to open up and start talking, long before I would consider that I can form sentences correctly.

Enjoy smarterGerman clear & simple guidance & focus on what matters. Become confident in German at your very own pace.

Frequently asked questions

Just click on the below links and 10% discount will be applied automatically.

  1. Everyday German Course (A1 – B1)
  2. B1 Exam Hacking Course
  3. B2 German Mastery Course

As an external candidate, you can take up any level of the exam without having taken up the previous level exams.

This course covers the levels A1, A2 and B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). If you are on any of these levels you will benefit from this course. And if you are on level B2 or higher and just want to refresh your basic grammar and understanding of the German language, you should also be fine.

If you are an experienced language learner and study with this course 4.5 hours per day (that’s the amount you are expected to work in most physical intensive courses), it is possible to reach level B1 CEFR within 180 days. As learning is a highly individual task, it might take a bit (or a lot) more or a bit less time. If you invest less time daily, you will most likely need a bit longer. In the course, you’ll find a more detailed estimation also for other levels. Will I be fluent in German after this course? You can reach B1 fluency. B1 is still a pretty limited level compared to B2, e.g. You will also most likely still need conversation practice to practice what you have learned with a human being. I’ll provide you with tips on how to find someone for speaking practice late in the course as in the beginning you shouldn’t worry about speaking with others at all! First, build a solid base of knowledge.

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.
As long as smarterGerman and the platform that hosts this course exist, you’ll have access to your materials. We’ll do anything to make this a couple of decades. By then you should have reached level B1 😉
While you’ll reach level B1 with this course, passing a German B1 exam requires additional preparation which this course can’t offer fully. You’d need extra training with a living being for the oral exam. All other skills should be fine when you have worked through this course. We are working with high pressure on a course called “Hack your B1 German exam” which will help you to get the best results possible from your B1 exam.

Yes, that’s the great thing about this platform. BUT PLEASE make sure that your payments are on time as if you fail to pay on time, you’ll lose access to your account and therefore your progress. >>>>>> There is no way to reactivate your account once you are unenrolled! You’d have to purchase it again! <<<<<< Once you have paid off the course you’ll have constant access to this course.

We would never want you to be unhappy! Which is why you can preview the first lesson which will give you a sound impression of the look and feel of the course so that you can try everything out in your own time before having to purchase anything. And even after your purchase you’ll have a 30-day money back guarantee because we trust you and we trust our work. Make sure to thoroughly test everything and feel free to send us any question that you have in regard of this course before you purchase or before you request a refund. In most cases we can help you quickly and easily to get on board.

Once you have purchased the course you will at one point be able to download the full version of the Easy Reader and the exercise book for that. The songs are also downloadable.. The videos are downloadable individually instantly. After 32 days you’ll also be able to download the grammar and the analysis videos as a zip file. So make sure that you are on a WLAN connection or have a good mobile contract with sufficient data-capacity when watching these.

If you have any further questions or need more clarification, feel free to Contact Us.


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