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smarterGerman Review – Is it Worth the Investment?

smarterGerman – The Prime Choice For Mastering German

Learning a new language might seem to be a lot of hard work. Getting a hang of the tenses, catching up with the grammatical knack of the language and absorbing the accents can be a really discouraging and frustrating experience, if there is no proper guidance and mentoring. German is the third most commonly taught language in the world, hitting right behind English and French. A prospective student, an aspiring professional or anyone enthusiastic on gaining an understanding on German. Everyone has a problem in knowing how to begin learning this beautiful language. We expect to be trained in a systematic way to make us practically confident in familiarizing with the quirks and perks of the new language. To speak German intuitively is our motive at the end of the day, where we connect the articles to the nouns to the verbs all naturally in the flow, without the blink of an eye. But where do we begin with this journey?

German is the official language of Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. It is also one of the official languages in the nations of Switzerland & Luxembourg. German is also the 11th most spoken language in the world.

Being the most widely spoken native language in the European Union, German is a mandatory requirement if you are planning to move into the country. Learning this language is no longer difficult, as there are language institutes everywhere across the world to get access to the subject. You can also become competent in German by enrolling in the online learning courses, which teach German just as efficient as classroom teaching. But which is a better option? And where can we master the language efficiently?

Online Training Vs. Classroom Teaching

  1. Online courses offer learners with an abundance of choices. Online learning has gained so much popularity over the years that many institutes now offer online degrees. You get to choose your preferred curriculum, you can see the experience of the instructors, you can choose which study plan you want to opt for. It is all as per your wish. Classroom learning might have limitations according to the place you choose to study.
  2. On-campus education makes it tiring to follow the different timetable every day and run around the different blocks in between classes to attend lectures and seminars. Online learning always offers students with the flexibility to study at any time of the day, as per our convenience. Whether we are the early worms or the night owls, online courses are the best option to study at our ease.
  3. Working all day in the corporate world often takes a toll on the mind and body, and rushing to any institute after work is definitely a pain. Managing both work and education becomes a difficult task if you have to constantly hop between places. But you can always study online courses without having to give up our professional lives. People can do their 9-5 daily jobs, and come back home and continue their learning at the comfort of their house. Or even take a break from the barista counter and scroll through a few lessons. It is always convenient. 
  4. Online courses are an excellent choice for affordable learning. You get to save on a number of factors like travelling, meals, course material and miscellaneous costs. 
  5. Not all of us are bold and confident. Many among us are introverts who are uncomfortable in interacting or asking questions to their instructors on a face-to-face interaction. Online courses gives such shy students an opportunity to perform better and participate in any discussions being held. Students can also perform better when they get to study as per their wish.
  6. Since online learning can be carried out on any device, whether a phone, a tab, or a laptop, learning becomes all the easier. Nobody enjoys walking around the campus corridors with a bag filled with registers and notebooks. With portable assets carried in our pockets or bags, there are now no limitations to learning.
  7. Missed the bus to the University because your alarm didn’t ring? There is now no need of commuting to and fro the institute. People can now avoid the tiring journey down the roads and metro stations on their way to their institutes, and study wherever they wish.
  8. Being in your favorite pyjamas with a cup of coffee on the couch, or in comfortable jeans under a tree at a park. Sit with the windows open on a hot day, or set the thermostat as per your preference. Learning has never been more enjoyable and pleasant.
  9. You get to learn new software and improve your technical competencies all while studying online.
  10. Are you doubtful about the classes you are planning to enroll to? Many online courses offer a free preview of their content, thus giving students a chance to experience a ‘trailer’ for what they would be opting to learn for.
  11. It is a green-initiative. With everything being online, there is no wastage of resources, and our pledge for protecting the earth remains intact.
  12. It is no different from a classroom learning in terms of examinations. Online courses offer regular assignments and time-based assessments to assess your level of understanding and grades you on your performance.
  13. As you learn your courses, you can do more research on the spot to learn more and get a greater understanding of the concept at depth. You need not wait for the bell to ring to find the answers to your wild questions.
  14. You can take your time in learning these concepts. There is no rush in catching up with the rest of the class. You can study for 3 hours one day, and study for just 30 minutes the following day. It is all at your convenience.

Undoubtedly, online training courses have an upper hand when it comes to choosing a mode for learning. But can German be learnt online? Is it reliable and worth our time? And which online service can be trusted when expecting a systematic approachable learning environment? smarterGerman is the solution to all your problems.

What Is smarterGerman?

smarterGerman is an online training series for anyone who is interested in learning the German language from scratch. smarterGerman provides a platform to learn German with highly qualified instructors, while having your share of fun as well! The budding learners are assured to rise up from the knowing nothing up to the B1 level of German!

A professional, international instructor with native proficiency in German, Mr. Michael Schmitz has customized this course with his rich experience of over 20 years and a good knowledge about the expectation of beginners. This course isn’t like any other usual courses which you’d find online- it revolves around a crime story of 54 chapters, captivating the learners and keeping them engaged and interested in learning and knowing what happens next. With such a different view on learning, smarterGerman assures you to make learning more fun and worth your time and efforts!

Why Is smarterGerman A Better Choice?

  • The course is offered in simple English, without any complicated vocabulary in use. So you need not have the proficiency of a native English speaker to go through the course. 
  • The programme also offers learners to run into the techniques of self-learning at your own pace, which makes smarterGerman all the more appealing!
  • The course offers a clear understanding of how to excel in German in everyday life with only the relevant information being taught – necessary words, the right pronunciation, the optimum learning techniques and tricks to clearly distinguish gendered nouns.
  • Get regularly assessed on your learning progress with multiple assignments and homework to keep up with the course!
  • All your queries and questions are always answered in the community, which contains a full knowledge base complete with all information on smarterGerman and Everyday German Course.
  • This isn’t just theory and pages of German vocabulary. This is FUN learning! Get to learn various aspects of the German language in smart melodies, making learning easier like never before.
  • Lifelong access to the course! What can be better?
  • You also have an amazing option of 30 days Money Back Guarantee , if the course does not satisfy you – just drop an email within the first 30 days and you will have your money back.

Courses Offered By smarterGerman

1. The Everyday German Course – A course to master A1-B1 Levels

What does the course offer?
  • You will master German up to the B1 CEFR level, learning about the vocabulary and grammar, improving your reading and listening skills, and also your writing and speaking skills to some extent.
  • Disciplined learning methods, giving you an organized study experience to grasp the language easily and efficiently 
  • Exciting methods to acquire the essence of German with fun songs
  • Gain an understanding of the German articles and cases and get a hang of the irregular verbs used in sentences
Cost of the course

The total cost of the course is only $429 with three different payment plans to make it convenient for the learners:

  • A One Time Payment (all prices are incl. VAT where it applies) of $429
  • A payment in 3 installments over a span of 3 months of $157 / month
  • A payment in 6 installments over a span of 6 months of $79 / month

If you miss out on continuing your monthly payments without prior notification, you will lose all progress in the course as well as your access to the course.

Click the above link to get 10% discount!

2. The B1 Exam Hacking Course - Prepare for your B1 Exam exclusively

What does the course offer?
  • Know the inside out of the logic and expectations of the various B1 level of exam so that you are well acquainted with what is expected from you
  • This course assures you that you would bag the exam in the first go! We know that attempting such courses can be quite a weight on our budget, but the B1 Exam Hacking Course is one decision you wouldn’t be regretful about
  • A perfectly structured course to save your time and help you cope up with the exam preparation and help you ace it!
  • Access to plenty of sample examinations to prepare you for the final day!

Cost of the course

This one-time purchase of the B1 Exam Hacking Course with life-long access costs only $99!

Click the above link to get 10% discount!

3. B2 German Mastery Course - Bring your German to the most important level

What does the course offer?
  • This course is exclusively to learn the B2 level of German only.
  • You will be prepared to face the real word and speak fluently without any second thoughts.
  • Brush up with the vocabulary and grammar to hold a decent conversation in German
  • Plenty of exercises and practice sessions to buckle you up in learning from the best
Cost of the course

The total cost of the course is only $429 with three different payment plans to make it convenient for the learners:

  • A One Time Payment (all prices are incl. VAT where it applies) of $429
  • A payment in 3 installments over a span of 3 months of $157 / month
  • A payment in 6 installments over a span of 6 months of $79 / month

If you miss out on continuing your monthly payments without prior notification, you will lose all progress in the course as well as your access to the course.

Click the above link to get 10% discount!

4. German Articles Mini-Course - Learn the rightful uses of DER / DAS / DIE

What does the course offer?

The German articles can be pretty confusing to get a grip in the first attempt. Der. Das. Die. One would get confused in deciding which one to apply in which case. But this mini-course is an optimal choice to comprehend well with the articles application.

Cost of the course

Anyone can enroll in this course for free!

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing smarterGerman

Naturally, we all have our doubts into choosing any new course and doubt if it is really worth our time and investment into the course. Well, here are a few points which might help you conclude on your decision.

Benefits Of smarterGerman

  • QUALIFIED TEACHING : Enjoy a deeply satisfying and enriched learning from a sincere and experienced language instructor
  • AUTONOMITY : smarterGerman assures you to make you independent and confident as you begin to master the language
  • APPLICABILITY : You will learn the exact relevant information with effective instructions, without coming across unnecessary words and phrases
  • STRUCTURE: The course is highly efficient and structured as per the expectations of a new learner. You won’t have any difficulty coursing through the lessons.
  • CLARITY : Learning becomes more enjoyable and approachable if you know what you are dealing with. The course has a well-defined clarity of its contents
  • FUN : As the lessons are taught as a crime mystery, it becomes more and more interesting to grasp the essence of the language in a fun way. 
  • MEMORISABLE : The upbeat melodies in the course have key information portrayed in their lyrics, making it easier for learners to catch up with the vocabulary quickly
  • SUPPORT : All queries and doubts are always answered, and for all assignments, there is a separate correction service which is priced at a very low cost.
  • MOBILITY : You can learn this app anywhere and even download the course material for offline learning from the Teachable app! 
  • FLEXIBILITY : Whether it be 20 mins a day or 3 hours, you can learn as per your comfort and need not compromise on other pending work

Drawbacks Of smarterGerman

  • COST : The course seems to be a little more expensive than the other German courses you’d find online
  • SPEAKING SKILLS : The course provides more weightage to the reading and listening skills of a learner, and sheds a little lesser light on improving the speaking proficiency


smarterGerman is a fun approachable way of becoming competent in learning the German language. With a wide variety of exercises and chirpy songs to memorize, the services offered by smarterGerman are worth the cost. It is an unparalleled opportunity which will definitely make you more confident to mingle with the crowd, speak naturally and adapt quicker to the foreign environment. It is a comprehensive outlook towards becoming a skilled German linguist. Also, with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can experience the learning first-hand, as there is no risk in trying it out! At the end of the course, you will definitely say DANKE to your course instructors for their immense mentoring in making you a confident learner!

Click the above link to get 10% discount!

smarterGerman Review – Is it Worth the Investment? 1

Everyday German Course

Enjoy smarterGerman clear & simple guidance & focus on what matters. Become confident in German at your very own pace.

SmarterGerman has decided to offer a whopping 20% discount on their infamous EverydayGerman course for the rest of the month.

To celebrate the occasion, our Partner, SmarterGerman has decided to offer a whopping 20% discount on their infamous EverydayGerman course for the rest of the month. And to add to that, just like an early Christmas present, they are also offering the B1 Exam Hacking Course for free for everyone who signs up.

So as we said, there's always something to be thankful for!

Refer the link below for more details and registration.


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