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Starter Kit

Before we get started, we want to wish you a great success with your application process. We will make sure to serve you to the best of our ability via this platform and hopefully, get you an admit to your dream university :)

Below 5 steps will help you get started.


Get the Overview

Here you will learn about all the 15 steps involved in your application process. Read each section carefully, they are mentioned in the order of priority.  


Check the Application Timeline

Before getting started, it is very important to understand the timeline for each task in the application process. This helps you to track your progress in comparison to a standard timeline.


Evaluate your Profile

Before you start looking for universities, spend time in analyzing your application profile. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your profile. Secondly, think about which course(s) suits your profile and also interesting to you. 


Start Searching Universities

Now that you know your preferences and your profile strengths, it is time to look for target universities and courses. Below article will guide your further.


Prepare your Documents

Following is a list of all the documents required for your application process. Prepare them according to given specifications.

NOU - Number of target Universities

General Guidelines

  • Stay organized, maintain a folder/file for MS applications and keep track of each document.
  • All the photocopies related to academics must be duly attested by college dean.
  • All other photocopies must be duly attested by a certified public notary.
  • SOP and CV are self attested, they do not need notarization.
  • Always take high quality scanned copies.
  • Use high quality paper for SOP, LOR and CV.

If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission

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