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How I got my Admit After the Rejection

How I got my Admit After the Rejection

How I got my Admit After Rejection 3

Recently, I got admitted to TU Munich, after I received rejection from the same in the month of June. Here, is my reconsideration story may be it would motivate some of you folks who have received rejections from other universities.

I have applied to TU Munich for Masters in Communications engineering in the month of March. It’s a two stage process, Level 1 points are evaluated based on your academics and various other documents like SOP, LORs etc. So, I successfully got through Level -1 after which I was called for Skype interview on 28th May. After giving the interview, I was pretty sure that I would clear it. The results came out on June 2nd, but then to my surprise I lost the level 2 cut -off merely by one mark, it was definitely heart wrenching. I lost the hopes of getting admitted to TU Munich, as it was my dream university. I know people often tell that universities are not differentiated based on ranking in Germany but on my personal interest, I only aimed at TUs. So, TU Munich was definitely my first choice for admission as I have applied only for four universities.

As said “Don’t despair, help is at hand”. I remembered reading a blog something related to reconsideration on “MS in Germany” group. Without wasting a second, I contacted and he told me that yes some universities do give a chance to appeal for a reconsideration. This came as another ray of hope for me, without second thought I decided to go for reconsideration appeal through MS in Germany services. I would say we had only one month to put up all the positives that can turn my rejection into an admit. So, this one month we worked upon my reconsideration appeal and I would say it’s not a easy task to do .So, I would recommend if you are planning for a reconsideration appeal do take this service and contact the people behind this initiative who have helped many folks like me to file their reconsideration. So, definitely they have gained lot of experience. Their hard work has yield them a higher success rate in terms of acceptance rate. It’s for sure a brainstorming process on as to which of your points can act in your favour and other can turn against you. So, it’s recommended to have assistance of an experienced person. We worked for a month on gathering all the required documents, writing a proper appeal and then finalizing all the paperwork. Then, msingermany team reviewed it many times before making it a finalized copy. We submitted the appeal on 22nd June and it took around one month for university to get back on the results. In the meantime, I was worried whether it would be accepted or not, but believe me MS in Germany team members were much more confident about their work and were always supportive. At one time I thought it has been long time since I filed my appeal and still there is no response from the university ,through this phase of despair the members showed great patience and recommended me to wait for another two weeks .

“Then, finally on July 27th as I opened my mailbox, I had no bounds to my happiness as, I found a mail from president of TU Munich congratulating me on my successful admit to MSCE.”

I would just say that, if your profile is worth getting a admit into the desired university even your rejection can turn into admit, just there is a need to put up the appeal in proper way proving that yes you are a worthy candidate for it.

It worked the same for me which revoked the university decision. So, I would advise you if you think you are a deserving candidate and got rejected from any of the Universities take help of this great initiative (MS in Germany) ,contact them and they are ever ready to help you. You will be guided through the entire process to make an appeal and you would receive every possible support and motivation throughout the entire journey of your appeal.

If you got rejected and you think you deserved it, then just go for the appeal. Whether it would work or not is a secondary thing but as the success rate is already a proof that it worked for many and especially in my case, It worked for such a competitive course in the university like TU Munich. So don’t give up from your side. What if it works ,it’s just the matter of one single appeal.

If you didn’t make a second try maybe you would regret it later for your lifetime.

So, All the best to the folks who are making use of this great initiative.

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