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What to do after German Visa Rejection

Was your application for Visa rejected? Know what you can do

It feels disappointing when all your hard work, time, and energy fail to obtain Visa because it is one of the necessary documents for the students to study in Germany. After getting a German Visa rejection many students think that their dream of studying at some of the best universities in Germany has come to an end. 

There is an adage saying that life always gives you a second chance, so never give up on the dreams.  There are still ways to attain success so just keep calm and follow the steps given below:

Identify the reason for Rejection

What was the reason given for visa rejection? Reasons can vary from person to person, but some common causes are listed below for Visa refusal.

  • Incomplete documents:

    There can be higher chances of missing one of these documents given below. Thus, to prevent it, students need to remember and cross check each document before going for the Visa interview.

  • Bachelor’s degree (you can carry provisional if you have not received your degree from college, but cross check with the consulate once)
  • 8th to 1st-semester mark sheets (both front and back copies)
  • 12th mark-sheet and certificate (they might return the certificate)
  • 10th mark-sheet and certificate(they might return the certificate)
  • (Optional: If you have some gap between your Bachelors and masters)
  • Salary slips and salary account statement of last 3-6 months
  • Work experience letter issued from your employer (Many people went without it, and consulate did not have any objection. But, if your employer issues such a letter then I suggest you carry it)
  • Lack of communication skills: 

    Ease of formal communication is a major issue faced by most of the students, and this actually becomes a cause of Visa rejection as well. So, the better way is to practise and attend communication classes to avoid this problem.

  • Insufficient financial proof:

    Although, public universities don’t have any tuition fee as such, you still have to take care of living expenses. Each student needs to provide sufficient evidence of financial means to manage his/her life style during the studies. 

  • Therefore, to resolve this, German government has allowed the Blocked account (it carries minimum 8900 Euros) to be open by every student, so they can take care of monthly expenses.
  • Blocked account opening confirmation in German and English.
  • Blocked amount transfer receipt from your home bank (the bank from which you transferred the money to your Deutsche Bank blocked account)
  • Blocked amount receipt confirmation (Optional: If you have taken education loan. Loan sanction letter along with two years ITR of co-borrower)
  • Affidavit to support for the second year of your study from your sponsor (Now, sponsor can be your parents or relatives) along with ITR and six months’ salary account statement, if your sponsor is working; 6 months savings account statement if your sponsor is not working.
  • Poor performance at interview:

    You may be unable to convince the interviewer why you preferred a particular university or course.

    If you rework on this question thoroughly, that will raise your chances of getting Visa at the interview. So a better choice for you is to understand its requirements and also fixed all the needed terms and conditions then just apply again.

Write an appeal

This is a crucial step in order to reapply for the Visa, you need to appeal to the Embassy, and it shall be written on a convincing manner providing strong reasons, such as the basis of fact. Also, you can then submit additional evidence to prove that you are eligible to get a Visa (if required). It all depends upon the reason of rejection, if you can put forth fact based arguments to overturn the decision of the Visa officer then you should apply again, otherwise it’s a waste of time and money. If you need further information regarding the German Visa appeal, please get in touch with MS in Germany team.

Learn from mistakes

Hence, make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. So, gather all the proper documents, ensure you know the answers to all questions regarding your application but be concerned not to sound scripted, and just stay as confident as you can.


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