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Getting Started

About Studienkolleg

Studienkolleg will be prepared for the assessment test. If they pass the exam, they get a certificate and can apply at any university in Germany for a Bachelor’s degree. Check this section for more information.

Get your German Language Certificate

The most public universities require a B1 certificate in German language for admission to an entrance exam so get your the certificate of German language to apply for studienkolleg. In below link you can get details information about German test and resource.

Check Studienkolleg Application Process

For some Studienkolleg students can apply directly trough university portal and for others they have to use uni-assist for the application process.

Apply for Education Loan

For visiting a state Studienkolleg is usually free of charge, but each semester a semester you have to pay  depending on the college, is between 100 and 400 euros, must be paid. For self-procure books and other learning materials for this  you may be required to apply for the education (student) loan to support yourself during your stay in Germany. This section delineates the whole process and gives you few important tips.

Create Blocked Account

You will be asked to transfer the money equivalent to 8800 euros to a German bank blocked account prior to your Visa Interview. There are few things which need your attention like currency exchange rates. Find out more in this section.

Take the Travel Insurance

This is a trivial yet mandatory step in this process. Your travel insurance covers you during your travel and initial few days in Germany. You will be asked to produce this document during you Visa Interview (Bangalore) or during Visa collection (Chennai). Check this section for a short procedure for getting your travel insurance.

Book your Flight

This is the last step before your Visa Interview. If you are not familiar with flight booking, check out this section for few tips and the step by step procedure.

Apply for Student Visa

This is the final step where you have to apply for a visa for study preparation at the German embassy in your country. For this visa you have to show your application for an entry exam for university preparatory course.

Get a Prepaid Card

Once you arrive in Germany, it may take few days before you can withdraw money from your German bank account. A Prepaid card will come in handy in such a situation. You can pre-load the money into this card and use it just like any other debit card. Learn more about prepaid cards in this section.

Prepare for the Entrance Exam

The entrance examinations of the individual Studienkollegs are very different; in some colleges there is a German and a mathematics test, in others only a German test. You will find information on this and also trial tests on the websites of the individual Studienkollegs.

Take the Entrance Test

Here you have to give the entry test for university preparatory course where you will get seat depends on your the entrance test.Sample examples for the admission test are published by many Studienkollegs on their websites. The better you are prepared for the admission test, the better your chances of finding a job!

In some countries, preparatory colleges carry out the entrance examinations on-site, information can be found on the websites. Normally you have to come to the entrance examination to Germany in the Studienkolleg.

Get Admitted

If you have passed the entrance exam, you will now be admitted to the respective Studienkolleg for a one-year specialized course. passing of this course makes you  well prepared for the requirements of studying in Germany and you can then apply to a college / university.

"Big Journey begins with small steps"

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MS in Germany's 4th Anniversary Sale

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Admission Packages

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Use Coupon MSIG4 for Admission Packages​!
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