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The Best Cities to Study in Germany for International Students

The Best Cities to Study in Germany for International Students

Over the years, Germany has emerged as the best country in Europe for higher education amongst the international student community. Be it art, literature, engineering, sports, business or medicine, German universities have it all. The quality of education and facilities offered by these German universities are way above the global standards. Many high-tech business establishments have set up their bases in Germany opening up a plethora of job opportunities for international students who complete their master programs in top German universities located in prime German cities. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best cities to study in Germany for international Students.

1. Munich

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Munich

Source : Recharge news

Situated in the state of Bavaria is its most populous city – Munich. The city’s Oktoberfest celebration brings thousands of locals and international citizens to the city every year. While the rest of the country has a cold gloomy weather throughout the year, Munich is sunnier than other cities of Germany.

Munich is considered the business capital of Germany as it is home to 120 biotech and information technology firms. Most colleges in Munich provide internship opportunities for both domestic and international students, as people in the city are quite well-versed in speaking English. Football fans in Munich can visit the Alianz Arena and enjoy a live match, whenever their favourite team is on the field. For all the above-mentioned reasons, Munich is nicknamed as the “Laptops and Lederhosen”, as this city is a perfect blend of technological marvels and cultural diversity.

The average cost of living in Munich €2,525
The average salary of a graduate in Munich is € 50,400 / yr.

Top Universities in Munich :

Top Employers

2. Berlin

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Berlin

Source : S&P Clever Reinforcement Company

Berlin is undoubtedly the most iconic city in Europe due to its major role in the history of Europe and the world. From the Berlin wall to the Reichstag building, everything holds a special place in history. In the current era, Berlin has become the top destination for holidays and education.

Berlin is home to the best universities in Europe and is most popular for the excellent campus life experience the city provides to international students. The educational institutes in Berlin offer plenty part-time job opportunities and scholarship funds to help students earn money for their tuition fees. Berlin is sometimes even referred to as Germany’s Silicon Valley due to the large number of start-ups established in the city.

The average cost of living in Berlin €1,826
The average salary of a graduate in Berlin € 52,100/ yr

Top Universities in Berlin :

Top Employers in Berlin :

3. Stuttgart

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Stuttgart

Source : I Am Expat

Stuttgart is the fourth largest metropolitan city in Germany in terms of total area. The city is blessed with a beautiful landscape of hills, valleys, parks and vineyards. Stuttgart is one of the most diverse cities in the country, as 40 per cent of its residents are immigrants. Stuttgart is considered as one of the safest cities to live in Germany.

Stuttgart is an important city for manufacture and trade. It is the headquarters to several automobile companies like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch. In addition to this, it is also a great place for international students to study in. Universities in Stuttgart are known for their research facilities and teaching methods.

The average cost of living in Stuttgart €1,813
The average salary of a graduate in Stuttgart €46,800 /yr

Top Universities in Stuttgart :

Top Employers in Stuttgart :

4. Frankfurt

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Frankfurt

Source : Event Brite

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and has the third largest English speaking population after Berlin and Munich. The city is a melting pot of cultures, religions and nationalities. With several top German universities and other educational institutes in the city, Frankfurt is considered to be one of the top educational hubs in the country.

At Frankfurt, you will be able to study with some of the most brilliant minds in the world and gain the much-needed industrial exposure for a successful career. Students will never have a shortage of places to visit, from sports clubs to jazz bars to multi-cuisine restaurants, you will find everything you can enjoy at reasonable prices.

The average cost of living in Frankfurt €2,240
The average salary of a graduate in Frankfurt € 48,600 / yr

Top Universities in Frankfurt :

Top Employers in Frankfurt :

5. Dresden

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Dresden

Source : Get Your Guide

Dresden, the capital city of the state Saxony, is the fourth largest city in Germany. The city is also known as “Elb Florence” due to the Elbe River that divides the city into two parts namely Neustadt and Altstadt. While Altstadt is a charming historic city, Neustadt is where the university students prefer to study and live in because of the modern facilities and amenities. Neustadt is known for its diverse culture, night clubs, jazz bars, restaurants and architecture.

The city has some of the top universities in Germany like TU Dresden which is a member of TU9. Apart from having some of the best universities, this city is also one of the best cities in Germany to work and gain industrial experience.

The average cost of living in Dresden €1,369
The average salary of a graduate in Dresden € 42,500 /yr

Top Universities in Dresden :

Top Employers in Dresden :

6. Aachen

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Aachen

Source : Smart Cities World

Aachen is a student friendly city, located in the westernmost part of Germany with its borders coinciding with Belgium and Netherlands. Aachen has a rich cultural history being the royal residence for emperors and principal coronation site of Roman emperors. The Palatine Chapel within the Aachen Cathedral is a celebrated World Heritage site.

This heritage city is home to some of the best universities in the whole of Europe. Aachen is an important city for international trade as it lies at the border of Belgium and Netherlands. The city is a great place to pursue technical and scientific studies.

The average cost of living in Aachen € 1,272.58
The average salary of a graduate in Aachen € 44,509 /yr

Top Universities in Aachen :

Top Employers in Aachen :

7. Bonn

Best Cities to Study in Germany: Bonn

Source : World Resources Institute

Bonn is a magical land of hills, mountains, forests and vineyards situated at the banks of the Rhine Valley. You will find people from various backgrounds and professions such as artists, business personnel, politicians and international students in this city. The city is also known as the ‘United Nation City’ as it has been organising UN meetings for the past 50 years. It is also one of the safest cities in the world for international citizens. The most interesting fact about Bonn is its fifth season called Carnival that goes on from mid November till the beginning of Lent.

When it comes to universities, Bonn has some of the best universities in the world with the learning programs offered in German as well as English. The excellent infrastructure, research facilities and internships offered by these universities attract thousands of international students to Bonn.

The average cost of living in Bonn €1,640
The average salary of a graduate in Bonn € 47,694 /yr

Top Universities in Bonn :

Some other cities for international students to study in Germany :

Name of the city Average cost of living Average salary of a graduate Top university Safety Index
Hamburg €2,171 € 51,200 / yr Universität Hamburg 56.16
Cologne €1,910 € 54, 727 /yr University of Cologne 57.2
Nuremberg €1,723 € 68, 939 / yr University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 69.05
Leipzig €1,525 € 54,090 / yr Leipzig University 59.10
Darmstadt €1,369 € 47,717 / yr Technische Universität Darmstadt 73.95

Conclusion :

In this article, we have introduced some of the best cities to study in Germany for international students and also highlighted the facts that make them a great choice for higher education. The blog also comprises of top universities and employers located in each of these cities with other pertinent details like cost of living and average pay. We hope this article helps you in gaining insight on the best cities to study in Germany.

Do read this article to learn about cost of living in Germany for international students.


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