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Things to know about EbixCash


EbixCash is a medium which provides foreign exchange support in terms of investment, insurance, finance, and provides crucial assistance in investment advice and export currency. It also allocates financial products such as mutual funds, fixed deposits, life, and non-life insurance, government securities.

Where Digital payments are doing the rounds in India for the past year or so, long before demonetization, Ebixcash was already on its way to revolutionizing the payments industry. The platform focuses on providing a physical experience with a digital backend. That’s what so unique about Ebixcash. Everybody is on the move today, and it is not always feasible to carry a large amount of cash at all times. Plastic currency, meaning debit, credit or prepaid cards, play an essential role in this case. But there are quite a few reasons why Ebixcash is the leader in this market.

1. Easy payment options

Consecutively 12 years of experience in this sector, Ebixcash has a deep understanding of the financial market, the payments market and what businesses and customers are looking for. With gift cards and prepaid cards available for customers, payment becomes very easy and efficient. Some of the biggest corporates in the world use Ebixchash cards for monetary disbursements. The company has partnered with big-name retailers such as Croma, Lifestyle, Amazon, Book My Show, Pizza Hut and Myntra, among others. 

2. Prepaid cards

The prepaid cards offered by Ebixcash make it easy for anyone traveling to make payments. With its validity in stores across the nation, it is impossible not to find a vendor who won’t accept the Ebixcash card. Payroll card and transport and petro card options have made it quite simple for employees to receive their dues from the company.

3. Insurance policy options

After partnering with the Bombay Stock Exchange, Ebixcash is now offering insurance policies to individuals for health, motor, fire, and many other categories. But why would you purchase insurance form them? For starters, you can browse policies in over 1 lakh physical locations across the country. And, customers can pay the premium at the cash outlets for Ebixcash and not have to visit the insurance company’s offices in order to pay the premiums. The entire process is digital, so the element of human error in form filling is eliminated. 

4. Loans made easy

Ebixcash also offers POS machines for partner retailers. So for those retailers, it is easier to get capital loans as big as Rs. 1 lakh. For the company to advance and reach further heights of success, it is vital for their partners to succeed. And with retailers covering travel, entertainment, food, and lifestyle, the end customer benefits greatly as well.

5. Pay your bills

Are you tired of standing in line to pay your electricity bills? With Ebixcash electricity, gas, landline, mobile, water bills can be settled quickly, efficiently and digitally. Imagine how much time you can rescue when all your utility bills are paid online with just a touch! The company has a presence in over 3000 cities in the country, so you don’t even have to be worried about where to find the nearest retail outlet to make your bill payments. BSES, Tata Power and Reliance Energy all accept bill payments via Ebixcash.

6. Best fare options

With a new addition to its portfolio ever so often, Ebixcash has now started offering customers the option of booking travel fares and stays. Entering this new market hasn’t been a road bump for the company, because ti already has a large customer base. Plus, the additional convenience being offered to existing clients has just led to Ebixcash enjoying more loyal customers than ever before.

7. Easy transfers

One of the most significant advantages of using Ebixcash right now is the efficiency it offers for money transfer. Previously, customers had to visit the Ebixcash outlet, fill out forms and wait in the line to make the transfer. Ebixcash now allows seamless online money transfers domestically, and internationally. So no matter where you are, Ebixcash makes it efficient to transfer money with just the app on your phone.  


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