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Thomas Cook - Travel Card, Fee Payment, Euro Cash and more! 1

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Offers from Thomas Cook

Travel/Forex Card

Travel Card

This is where you carry additional funds for your early days in Germany. A must have for any student travelling to Germany.

Blocked Account

Blocked Account

Transfer your funds to your blocked account in just 48 hours using Thomas Cook outward remittance facility.

Cash Conversion

Get your Cash

Get the best possible conversion rate with the direct endorsement from MS in Germany.

Why Apply Via MS in Germany?

Thomas Cook - Travel Card, Fee Payment, Euro Cash and more! 2

Quick Support

Thomas Cook - Travel Card, Fee Payment, Euro Cash and more! 3

Online Processing

Thomas Cook - Travel Card, Fee Payment, Euro Cash and more! 4

Home Delivery

Frequently asked questions

Here’s How:

  1. You will receive the callback and a quote from Thomas Cook once you apply for the service.
  2. You need to transfer the amount to a designated Indian bank account.
  3. The equivalent Euros are either
    (a) Loaded to your travel Card, OR
    (b) Transferred to the destination Bank abroad, OR
    (c) Given to you in the form of Cash
    as per the service and the final quotation given to you.

The exchange rates vary on hourly basis. Thomas Cook is very transparent and offers you one of the best exchange rates in the market. This is the reason we chose them over other Forex providers.

As soon as your amount is received at Thomas Cook, it will reach the destination bank in just 24 hours! 

Note:¬†Depending on the bank, it may take up to 48 hours for the amount to reflect in the beneficiary’s bank account.

Public holidays and weekends are not considered.

Absolutely No. Thomas Cook offers a FREE Prepaid card. Moreover, the reloading fees is waived off if you make the purchase via this platform.

  1. Prepaid cards are PIN protected and re-loadable from India which is safe to carry.
  2. No extra charges for swiping the cards to make payment.
  3. At minimum charges, students can withdraw local currency in more than 10,00,000 VISA ATM Machines anywhere in the world.
  4. It also used for online purchase on websites which are verified by Visa (VBV).
  5. This is especially useful in Credit card purchases since you won’t have a Credit Card as a student in Germany.
  1. Telegraphic transfer is the most secured way of paying tuition fees in foreign exchange.
  2. Foreign exchange Demand Draft in the name of their education Institution from India.
  3. Visa prepaid cards but check if institution accept these cards before traveling abroad.
  4. Another option is Traveler’s cheque.


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