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Top Private Universities in Germany

Studying in Germany is characterised by its superior research prowess and focus on practical education. Whether it is public universities or private universities in Germany, the education provided by this country remains one of the best in the world. Germany is one of the best countries to consider for studying, especially when you are looking at pursuing your Master’s in technical education abroad. It is home to some of the best technical universities in the world after all.

Having mentioned that, one other aspect that sets the universities in Germany apart is the free education or heavy scholarship based education system. Public universities provide free education to the students with no tuition fee at all, of course the cost of living will have to be taken care of, but the free tuition helps immensely. The good part is that almost all the major study programs are covered under this. In addition to this, living as a student in Germany is also very cost-effective in comparison to other European countries.

A Look at Why German Universities

German Universities

Source: Global Education Times

Germany is ranked amongst one of the top countries for international students. As per the statistics, approximately 357,000 international students are currently pursuing a university degree in Germany, and the numbers are increasing with time. German universities are at par with global education standards.

There are a plethora of degree courses available to choose from. The statistics suggest that the employability rate of German graduates is higher than many in the global job market. And this holds true for public as well as private universities. Rather, for the private universities, it is important to maintain an at-par pedagogy and placement levels if they want to flourish and continue with their license extension. The government is very strict on these norms and any kind of non-adherence is usually not entertained.

A Note on Private Universities in Germany

Private universities, whether in Germany or any other country, generally undertake advanced degree courses like PhD, doctorate, MBA, MA, etc. The private universities are of medium size and are smaller than the public universities. While the courses offered may not always be as diverse as that of a public university, private universities do ensure that they offer all the industry relevant courses. In addition to this, many private universities warrant that their faculties have to partner with industries for projects and produce a minimum number of research papers every year. Thus, the pedagogy lives under the constant pressure to perform and make sure that the students excel too.

How are Private Universities different from Public Universities in Germany?

Public vs Private Universities in Germany

Source: Educreative Group

When opting for a particular course, it is important to see which college to opt for, whether a private or a public institution. For this, you need to have a clear vision of the differences between the two. The following points list out the main differences between private universities and public universities.

One of the major differences between the two is the source of funding. State governments generally fund public universities while private universities are funded by students’ tuition fee, donations and own endowment funds.

Another difference between the two is the cost of studying at the university. Public universities are cost-effective and charge lower tuition fee in comparison to private ones as state governments fund them, and their expenses are borne by the government. Private universities have a higher tuition fee as they rely on students' tuition fee for covering all their operating costs.

The public universities are larger when compared to the private ones. The classes, campus and student density are much bigger in comparison to private. The environment of public universities is not very personal as there are so many students to cater to, whereas the private universities have well-equipped facilities for their students and cater to their individual needs.

The universities can be regionally, or nationally accredited. Regionally accredited universities are the most recognised ones and have the highest educational standards. Most public universities in Germany are regionally accredited, whereas private universities are nationally accredited.

Private universities generally attract students from different geographical locations across the world as they charge heavy fees and provide better facilities. In contrast, public universities have students from various demographic areas, most of which are local as the tuition fee is low and affordable and any day the Government would want their citizens to benefit more than anyone else.

Advantages of Enrolling in Private Universities in Germany

Although public universities seem to be more popular than the private universities in Germany, there are specific advantages of studying in a private university.

List of Private Universities in Germany

There are a lot of private universities in Germany which offer many courses with the main aim of giving exposure to their students and hands-on experience. We have listed some of the popular private universities in Germany.

1. SRH Heidelberg

SRH University Heidelberg

One of the oldest universities of Heidelberg, SRH Heidelberg, offers various courses designed on the principle of acquiring knowledge through research and practice, instead of the traditional teaching method of lectures. The programs are created keeping the outcome in mind and hence the entire curriculum structure is more industry relevant.

2. SRH Berlin

SRH Hochschule Berlin

The SRH Berlin is a state-accredited university that offers bachelors, masters and professional programmes. It provides the students with high-class international education to give them a real-life experience of business ethics by participating in projects and internships. This private university is known for its superior focus on soft skills required for the profession.

3. SRH Dresden

SRH Dresden

One of the leading education providers in Germany, the SRH Dresden offers bachelors, professional, and postgraduate programs in both English and German language. It also gives its students the knowledge required to kick start your professional career. The university's incubation centre even has programs for supporting the early stage start-ups through not just resource provision but if found suitable, then through funding too.

4. EBS University

EBS University

One of the leading private universities in Germany, the EBS University, has three faculties viz EBS law school, EBS business school and EBS executive school. It offers a learning environment for the students to grow into leaders of business in future by providing them with the knowledge of the tools required in today’s market. Needless to say, the EBS University focuses strongly on analytical skills.

5. NEC Munich

NEC Munich

The NEC Munich provides for one of the most modern and innovative approaches to business education in Germany. The combination of real-life projects, research and evaluation ensures that the students achieve sustainable employment in this technology-driven world of business. This college is Wittenborg University of Applied Science's Munich Campus.

6. University of Applied Sciences Europe

University of Applied Sciences Europe

The University of Applied Sciences Europe provides integrated courses in the field of business, art, sports, media and design all under one roof. It offers programs to develop future-oriented skills that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of job market 4.0. It provides an interdisciplinary teaching method.

7. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

It aims at preparing its students for becoming leaders in their professional world. The Berlin School of Business and Innovation focuses on developing practical business skills and helps in understanding the industry culture. Every course is curated with leadership, enterprise and success as the key motive.

8. Schiller International University- Heidelberg

Schiller International University- Heidelberg

Located in one of the oldest university cities of Germany, the Schiller International university offers programs that are designed to develop knowledge and skills to enter into the global market. It is based on four pillars- internationalisation, community, flexibility and status. The university strives to improve international competencies through foreign language training, interaction among people from diverse

9. Jacobs University Bremen

Jacobs University Bremen

The Jacobs University provides innovative solutions and advanced training programs to strengthen people in financial markets. It follows an interdisciplinary concept of teaching and research. It boasts of a vibrant international community with students from more than 120 countries.

10. SRH Hochschule Hamm

SRH Hochschule Hamm

SRH Hamm is a part of SRH Holding, a non-profit foundation. This university mostly specialises in application-based courses like logistics, business studies, management, psychology and social sciences, under the two faculties Technology and Economy, and Social Sciences.

11. IUBH University of Applied Sciences

IUBH University of Applied Sciences

This university provides bachelors and postgraduate courses with an international focus. Its course contents and curriculum are internationally relevant. IUBH understands the importance of personal experience, so it incorporates it in its curriculum. The university also offers excellent career opportunities.

12. GISMA Business School

GISMA Business School

GISMA business school has helped many skilled and talented individuals to learn tech-savvy and innovative solutions for the multiple problems of businesses. This private university offers a practice-oriented management education that allows the students in lifelong learning. In 2017, its MIB (Master in International Business) course was ranked 20th in the world by the Economist. The university proudly houses students from 40 countries.

13. Dresden International University

Dresden International University

This private university aims at offering a variety of courses to both students as well as working professionals in order to guide them about the evolving nature of the global employment market and to achieve success in their career. This university specialises in human resource and finance domains in specific.

14. Cologne Business School

Cologne Business School

The Cologne Business school is a private university that offers a wide range of courses in economics for every phase of life. So, one can choose to specialise in Macroeconomic, Microeconomics, Socio-economics and others. It provides practical experience and helps get in touch with contacts during the studies. The university has campuses in Cologne, Mainz and Potsdam.

15. EU Munich Business School

EU Munich Business School

This university provides excellent business education at its diverse campuses. It helps students gain insight into the working of the business with real-life examples guest lectures and visit to companies, giving them an edge over their peer groups. The university is very flexible in its intake with several starting dates in a year. The fact that it is internationally accredited is another feather on its cap.

16. International School of Management (ISM)

International School of Management (ISM)

It is one of the best private universities in Germany. It gives intensive language training and provides international university lecturers to make one adapt easily to the business world. The university also provides opportunities for students to pursue national and international internships for professional development. ISM is one of the institutions which has held an institutional accreditation for over ten years. It has also been state-approved indefinitely.

17. Munich Business School

Munich Business School

The Munich Business school is a private university that has been offering award-winning programs to its students, providing them with an inspiring and globally competitive environment to become successful business leaders in future. Women in Leadership @ MBS is a unique initiative to build a strong nexus of female students, executives, lecturers and alumni and support them in building a gender-neutral business world.

18. Technische Hochschule Nuremberg

Technische Hochschule Nuremberg

This school helps in providing students with the ease of pursuing their studies along with their career by giving them special services and great flexibility. Their business courses are run on the basis of continuous exchange of knowledge between the professors, students, business representatives and the alumni. Needless to say, it is a go-to university for working professionals.

19. FH Mittelstands (FHM)

FH Mittelstands (FHM)

FHM is one of the most famous schools of applied sciences in Germany. It has a pre-study program (PSP) as well for its undergraduate students who want to study engineering, economics, medicine in any other country in the world. It offers a variety of full-time, extra-occupational and distance learning courses.


As we all know, Germany is well known for public universities. However, students are not aware of the significant aspects of private universities in Germany. Getting admission in Germany's public universities is quite challenging and unnerving; on the other hand, entry requirements for private universities are not rigid. If you are an international student aspiring to pursue your higher education in Germany, this blog gives you crucial information on private universities and the advantages of enrolling in one. The article also covers a comprehensive list of top private universities in Germany.

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