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Uni-Assist Procedure for Payment and Sending Application

Uni Assist or the "University Application Service for International Students" processes applications from international students on behalf of its member universities. In this you will be knowing step by step procedure for Uni-Assist payment and how to send application to Uni-Assist


How to Pay Uni-Assist

To pay Uni-Assist there are two ways :

  • You can transfer the cost of your application to Uni-Assist through bank transfer
  • You can pay the cost of your application to Uni-Assist through credit card form


Uni-Assist Bank Details

  • You need to make a bank transfer to the uni assist's bank account (this takes almost 2 days). The bank will ask you to fill a 4 page form for this, account information, and all bank account codes are given on website too,
  • Do not forget to carry your passport copy, printout of mail you get after successful application to uni-assist and 1 ID proof. Do not forget to provide your applicant number in remark box
  • Include the following information in the reference field, format to write in the form goes as follows, You have to mention " applicant no., Surname, first name, dob, sose/wise18 (sose- summer semester, wise-winter semester)
    For example : "1234567, Shah, Bhagyesh, 06.12.1994, SoSe18."
  • To transfer the cost of your application to Uni-Assist, use the above image details to transfer the amount
  • For international transfers to Germany, some banks charge additional fees. You have to pay these fees, you need to enquiry for additional charges from your bank


Pay via Credit Card


Send Application to Uni-Assist

  • Take print out of documents to be uploaded in individual application of course (careful while selecting SOP among different SOP's)
  • Forward application - download PDF of application take print out of it and sign on it, take an A4 envelope with all other officially attested/certified documents.
  • Do keep a list of content in packet for their convenience. Take a printout of addresses as given below (also applicant no.) paste on packet and send it to uni-assist through DHL/FedEx atleast 2-3 months before deadline.
  • If you are not in a hurry to send application to Uni-Assist then register with siksha and get a student package for courier or in normal courier too it would cost you around 800-900 bucks (the difference is that, it just takes 5-6 working days to reach there)
  • Send your application documents to the following address
    uni-assist e.V.
    11507 Berlin
  • If your courier or mail service does not accept above address, then send it to below address
    uni-assist e.V.,
    Geneststrasse 5, 10829 Berlin
Uni-Assist Procedure for Payment and Sending Application 18
Application Status
  • It is 75 euro for first application and after that 15 euro for each application prior to first application
  • Paid Status, If you paid the Uni-Assist fee, then paid status will be yes or else no as shown in above image
  • Application Status, if anything missing in your application then application status is Application Incomplete, so they will send you specify reason for why your application is incomplete
  • Next if your application is complete, Status will be data is sent to the university electronically, i.e your application is correct and they had send your application to university


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