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Uni-Assist Universities Searching and Application Procedure

Uni Assist or the "University Application Service for International Students" processes applications from international students on behalf of its member universities. In this you will be knowing the step by step procedure for how to search for universities, course offer and how to apply for university


How to Search for University

  • To search for university and courses, go to Uni-Assist home or index page, click on search for a study program option which is on the left sidebar as shown in first image
  • Next, choose the semester option i.e winter or summer, then choose for what your applying for example master click on it
  • Choose the university you are interested in, then choose course you are interested in and click on start search option


Search Result

  • Search result will be displayed for what you have search, so if you want to edit there is an option called click here button, to modify your search
  • Next, click on the course or desired qualification that your interested in


How to Create Application

  • So after clicking on your desired course or desired qualification you will be directed to the above first image page
  • Next, if you want add some extra course, click on add course button and select the course you are interested to study for example Spanish, Italy or any language your knee interested to learn
  • After selecting the course, click on create application button, so your application will be created


Fill the General Question


Allocation of files

  • Here you can choose files to allocate them with application
  • Click on go to next step button


Electronically Submit

  • Read the notice, terms and conditions before you accept it then accept terms and conditions and click on submit online button
  • Click on the print application button, pdf file of your university application will be generated
  • Finally take out the print out of your application along with all documents you have allocated for it


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