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Uni Assist

Uni Assist or the “University Application Service for International Students” processes applications from international students on behalf of its member universities. Basically, uni-assist examines if the submitted school/ university certificates are equivalent to German school/ university degrees, i.e. whether they qualify in principle for admission to university studies in Germany. If you want to apply for admission to one of the member universities, you have to send your application to uni-assist first.

Uni Assist 1


  • The preliminary evaluation given by uni-assist informs applicants whether they qualify to study all subjects (general qualification) or only certain subjects (subject-restricted qualification).
  • You can have your documents reviewed by uni-assist any time of the year. Please note, however, that the application deadline for the universities must be met.
  • Uni-assist is a useful tool if you are planning to send out applications to many universities which are members of uni-assist since you only need to send the documents once. It will cost you 75 euros to send your first application and additional 30 euros for every subsequent application.
  • It usually takes about three weeks for uni-assist to process your application. Uni-assist will send you your preliminary documentation by mail. It will also send you your 'average mark' in German grading system (from 1.0 to 4.0).

Before You Start

  • Please make sure that the university of your choice is indeed a member of uni-assist and does take part in the uni-assist procedure.
  • Many German universities, even though a member of uni-assist, prefer to process the applications for certain courses (e.g Masters) by themselves and not through uni-assist. Check with your target university whether you need to send the application directly or through uni-assist for your course.
  • Collect information about the application form and which documents and academic records(curriculum vitae, school, university and language certificates etc.) are required for admission.

Required documents

  • All the documents that you would otherwise send to university directly (application form, passport, SOP, LOR etc.)

Step by step procedure

  • Step I: Go to uni-assist applicant portal and register yourself. Once you register, you will get your uni-ASSIST applicant number.
  • Step II: Login to the portal with your username and password.
  • Step III: Fill in the standard form for your application and save it for later use. Upload all the required documents for university admission (certificates, passport copy, IELTS scorecard etc.).
  • Step IV: Print your completed application form and Submit it electronically.
  • Step V: If you are planning to apply for multiple universities, You need to fill in multiple Application forms one for each university.
  • Step VI: Pay the processing fee. For this, you can do an International bank transfer to the bank account mentioned here. Don't forget about comments in payment description. If you prefer credit/debit card payment, the procedure is a bit strange. You need to fill out this credit card form and send it to uni-assist along with your application documents.
  • Step VII: Group the documents specific to the respective universities (e.g. SOP, LORs) along with application forms. Group the common documents (e.g. Certificates) separately.
  • Step VIII: Label the groups accordingly, include your email address and post them to uni-assist to the below address. Name of the university c/o uni-assist e.V. 11507 Berlin GERMANY.
  • Step IX: Once your documents reach uni-assist, you will receive a confirmation mail. If your application is complete and meets all requirements, uni-assist will inform you and forward your applications to the chosen universities. After few weeks you will receive the result of your application by e-mail and through the post.
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