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University of Hamburg

Law & Economics

Course Requirements

  • Application Type

Direct Application

  • Mode

Online + Hard Copies

  • Course Language

Courses are held in English. Participants can choose to write their Master's thesis in the local language of their third-term university as long as it is not their mother tongue.


Minimum score of 7.0 (minimum per section: 6.0)

  • GRE


  • German


  • SOP

letter of motivation (maximum of two pages)

  • LORs

letters recommendation can be emailed directly to by the reviewers only, using their professional email address.

  • Curriculum Vitae

Each applicant should provide an up-to-date CV in English. The CV is used to judge your previous affinity to the study of law & economics and also allows us to estimate your academic potential. Affinity and academic potential account for 25% of your total score, respectively. Please use the Europass CV template. The linked page also provides instructions for filling out the template as well as examples of complete CVs. Make sure to list any factors that reflect well on your academic successes (academic honours received, previous published works, academic teaching experience, etc.) or that might have caused your current test scores to be lower than your potential would suggest (extensive charitable work, participation in student bodies, pro bono assignments, etc.).

  • Prerequisites

"A degree certificate stating that the student has successfully completed the listed programme and obtained the listed degree and – An official degree supplement or transcript listing the grades obtained during the programme. For programmes with elective courses, only subjects that influenced the final degree need to be listed."

  • Special Requirements






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Johnsallee 35,
20146 Hamburg

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