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Visa Interview Experience

Dinesh Manohar



Technical University of Munich (TU Munich - TUM)


  1. German national Visa application form

  2. Declaration form

  3. Cover letter

  4. Ielts copy

  5. Passport copy

  6. All semester marksheet, consolidated marksheet, degree certificate, school certificates

  7. German language certificates

  8. Blocked account opening form in German

  9. Blocked account opening form in English

  10. Blocked account with 8040 euros in German

  11. Blocked account with 8040 euros in English

  12. Workex certificate

VO: German lady in her 30s.


Me: Good morning mam 
VO: Hi Sir and a smile. 
VO: Give me your two set of documents, passport, one photo and the dd please.
Me: I gave her. 
VO: Thank you.
She started turning around the sheets randomly and started scanning my photo, typing my name, address details in her computer. 
VO: why you want to join this course sir? 
Me: I linked my work experience at Bosch with it and told an answer. 
VO: She smiled and said good. She also circled my ielts score, ug score parallely.
VO: what plans you have after your masters Sir? 
Me: Mam I want to come back to India to join research institutions like IISC Bangalore.
VO: Smiled again 
VO: Please scan your fingers. 
Thank you. You are done. Good luck. We ll inform you by couple of weeks through mail.
ME: Thank you mam. Have a nice day

Passport had a D stamp.

Duration of interview : 9 to 9:10

Most of the time went in her typing and me looking over her keyboard as what she was typing.

Eavesdropping in nearby counter:


Why this university? 
What made you to choose Germany?
Why do you think you got selected? 
What is your ug score? 
When did you graduate?
What were you doing then?

Good luck to all of you!!

Best way to prepare for a VI

  1. Learn about the place you are going, geographical location.

  2. Learn about the university and the course you are attending.

  3. Learn about the professors , their names, research groups they have.

Disclaimers: This post is entirely my own experience and the details furnished are in accordance to Chennai Consulate. The requirement varies from consulate to consulate. So please take care.

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