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Visa Interview Experience

Harsh Dhanesha




I had my visa appointment at Mumbai consulate in the morning, almost a year back.

Once I reached there I realized everyone was given one time slot only.

So,when they asked us to form a queue, it was 1st come 1st serve. We were asked to keep the passport and draft ready for inspection.

On entering,we need to keep our bag in locker so, don’t forget to take your documents,photos and pen.

I was asked to arrange the documents according to the checklist (available inside). Don’t staple,use a U-pin.

After that according to your turn,you need to go on a counter where you would be given a token and then stick your photos (gum is available inside)and wait for your turn.

Later on, on a display board the number was displayed and I went to the respective counter.

There was an Indian lady(other counters also had germans) as interviewer.After asking basic questions like Name, university and courses she handed me a form and asked me to fill it.

It was a general questionnaire with questions like Name of university, Field of studies in bachelors and Masters etc.

One important question was writing name and research area of one Researcher from our field of study(other than our professor).

Then i handed over the questionnaire and was asked to give my documents and my biometrics were taken.

Overall, it was smooth.

I had my interview almost a year back and so I might have missed out something, sorry for that.

I think it takes minimum 28 days to process the Visa request after VI is over, but, I am not sure about it as it varies sometimes based on person and consulate.

All the best and don’t forget to eat something before you go.


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