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Visa Interview Experience

Jagtap Dattatrya




I reached C.S.T at morning 7'o clock and after having breakfast I went Consulate at 7:45 am.They allow to enter from 8'o clock.The guard will check your name in list as per passport.After entering in, another guard asked me which type of visa and handover check list of documents and asked me to keep bag in locker and to take one Folder. The documents Were like below with exact serial (all are Xerox except DD,DD form, Visa application, Declaration)

  1. DD (don't forget to write your name, passport number, mobile number backside of DD).

  2. Two signed copies of D.D form.

  3. Application form.

  4. Declaration (1 signed copy)

  5. University admit letter.(keep visa letter, if you have got from university,before this and also signed participation contract and fees structure after Admit letter serially even though it is not mentioned in check list)

  6. Degree Certificate and then Marksheets from 8th SEM to 1st SEM in descending order with 12th and 10th certificate after that.( People who have done Diploma can arrange Diploma certificate and then Marksheets from last semester to First SEM serially instead of 12th).

  7. Financial proof (here comes blocked account statement first and then fees paid receipt (if any), and then education loan sanction letter ( if any).please ask for disbursement letter if you have disbursed any amount of loan and keep it after sanction letter)

  8. IELTS or TOEFL not old than 1 year.

  9. German language certificate.

  10. Passport.

In the second set prepare same document set from visa application to passport.
Pro tip : Prepare another 2 sets seperately of all supporting documents with documents which you think that they will ask at first, so that you will not be confused.

After preparing document sets ,I went to the counter where the man checked all documents as per check list and handover me the token number and asked me to wait until my number is called. The token number and the respective counter will be displayed on the display we need to go at that counter. Please keep smile on your face throughout the entire VI and don't forget to greet. Duration: Max 15 min (can't remember exact time)


  1. Which type of visa?

  2. Which course? When it will start and what is medium of instruction?

  3. Tuition Fees, and instalments?

  4. Have u paid any fees?

  5. When u were graduated?

  6. When u gave ur last exam?

  7. What u r doing since then?

  8. Have u got education loan.

  9. How much of it u have used?

  10. Will u join any German language class in Berlin?

  11. Is this the admit letter u got by post? Sign is not original. (My ans: yes it seems like a stamp, but this is what I've gotūüėä) *fill the questionnaire *

  12. Show me your experience letter (if you are still working show joining letter and latest 3 months salary slips).

  13. Give me two copies of this.

Done! In my case I showed only the funds of total fees + blocked account.

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