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Visa Interview Experience

Khushnood Adil Rafique



Kaiserslautern University of Technology

Visa interview at The German Consulate, Kolkata
University : Technical University of Kaiserslautern
Course : MSc in Computer Science.

I had my appointment for 12th December 2017 at 11:00 am. Got the appointment quite easily. As a matter of fact I was asked to choose a date when I called them, owing to the lack of rush at the Kolkata Consulate.

I reached by 10:30 am and was allowed in after submitting my bag and phone at the entrance. Inside, the room was almost empty with just a man, a woman and a kid. Out of the 3 counters, only counter number 2 was open with a lady working on a computer. Eventually the family was called and interviewed. I the meantime another guy came in for his interview and was called before me. He was asked all sorts of questions : who is sponsoring, where does the sponsor live, what does the sponsor do, why MS in Germany and what after that. I could hear everything since there was a speaker that echoed their voices to the entire room. Anyway I was called after him.

Important tip: Do not staple anything.

I knew this therefore I just used clips to keep my documents together. But I was asked to remove them as well.

Me: Good morning mam
VO: Good morning. Pass me your passport and the demand draft. Done.

VO: Which type of visa?
Me: student visa

VO: Put one set of documents on the tray. And fill this in. I was given a form where I had to fill in all my academic details like my year of passing 10, 12, graduation and the respective scores.
Me: Yes mam. Done
She went through my documents thoroughly and noticed I had not signed my cover letter. She asked me to do so.
I am going to Germany for my second masters. So I included a letter of Motivation even though it was not mentioned on the checklist.

VO: Who did the documents for you?
Me: I did it myself mam

VO: But why have you included a letter of Motivation? Was it mentioned on the checklist?
Me: No mam but my seniors advised me to do so.

VO: You have friends in Germany?
Me: Yes mam. One of them lives in Bonn.

VO: Okay. Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My uncle who lives in Switzerland is.

VO: Have you included a sponsorship letter and his bank statements?
Me: Yes mam. His 3 year IT returns and 3 month bank statements and a sponsorship letter are included. She thoroughly went through each of them.

VO: Okay. So do you know any German?
Me: Mam I am learning by myself and my uncle speaks German so he is helping me. Plus there’s an orientation course at the start of my course where I’ll get the opportunity to learn some German

VO: To what level will they teach you?
Me: I’m not sure mam. It’s not mentioned anywhere.

VO: Okay. Who is the person to be contacted with?
Me: Mam that’ll be me

VO: No no
Me: Then it’ll be my uncle

VO: No. No.
And she started looking for the name in my documents. She actually wanted to know the name of the course coordinator. I didn’t know his full name. Lol. Anyway she found it herself and made a note of it. I was then asked to place my fingers on the scanner and she took my finger prints.

VO: Place your second set on the tray and count all your original academic documents and place them there too. Done

VO: Here is a receipt that you need to bring with you to the consulate when you have your decision. And you’ll also get your documents back on that day. The entire process will take an average of 8 weeks.

That’s it. Thank you.
I left with a smile because I wasn’t asked anything complicated or why Germany and why another masters in Germany. She didn’t even bother asking me the name of the university I was going to. It was a smooth and easy process for me.
Hope you guys have the same.

Good luck and stay confident.

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