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Visa Interview Experience

Mohit Rawat

New Delhi



So, my interview was at 08:15 hrs (22nd June) and I reached the embassy an hour before. There was absolutely no need to be reaching there that early. The real deal started when it struck 8 o’ clock, that’s when they called for the 8:15 appointment people and there were too many. It’s better to be standing first in the queue when called, than to reach early. So, make sure you reach on time and make sure you have the appointment letter. Now, I was called in (BTW I was the first male to enter the embassy) and security checks were done. Next up, there is this visa officer sitting and waiting at the counter for me.

Now the process starts: Since I was the first person for her and she was young too, I believe it was advantageous for me, as I can talk with ease to a similar aged person and as I was the first interviewee, she had her peace and fresh mind. Then she asked me to hand over the passport, checked my passport details on the computer and went inside to ask something related to my passport. When she came back, she was okay with it and told me that we will begin now. While she was entering something on the computer she asked me “Which course are you going for?” and “Why Germany?”. I told her about the course with confidence and smile on my face and then told her a little about why Germany! She was happy with the answer and was very cool and chilled out with the whole proceedings. Then she asked me to hand over the fee for VISA. I told her that I had made a demand draft for the same, which she asked me to hand over. She looked at the spellings in the demand draft and generated a receipt for the same. Then she asked me if I had the photocopied set with me and asked me to hand it over. I handed over the set to her which was very well organized and ordered with all the necessary signatures at all the required places.

Now, she started to look at the arranged docs and to be honest she seemed impressed with the way I organized it. She went from top to bottom and entered a few details on her computer while she was looking at my application document. She started to highlight important stuff on the docs like, the period of the course on the Einladung (invitation page), course details on the admit letter and some stuff on the Deutsche bank account opening document. She asked that as I have fees, whether I have paid it or not. I explained to her that we have been asked by our university to pay the fees when we arrive there and told her to look at a document in my file which mentioned the same (this document was an Expenditure list doc for the whole program which mentioned the details of payment of fee).

Then she discarded the following docs from my bundle: (take these docs along if you have them, let them decide if they want it or not)

  1. Travel insurance

  2. English versions of einladung, admit letter and deutsche bank account opening form.

  3. My father’s salary slips and 3 years ITR

Next she arranged the documents as per the following order:

  1. Application form (mandatory)

  2. Declaration (mandatory)

  3. Cover letter (mandatory

  4. German version of Einladung (if applicable the mandatory)

  5. German version of admit letter (mandatory)

  6. Expenditure list doc containing details of payment of fee

  7. Contract of my room in Germany (take it along if you have it, wont be harmful, I swear)

  8. IELTS (mandatory)

  9. Goethe certificates (if applicable, then madatory)

  10. Degree (madatory, if you have it)

  11. Transcript (take it along if you have it, wont be harmful, I swear)

  12. 8th to 1st semester mark sheets (mandatory)

  13. 12th certificate and mark sheet (mandatory)

  14. 10th certificate and mark sheet (mandatory)

  15. Work experience certificate (if applicable, then madatory)

  16. Deutsche bank account opening letter followed by copy of remittance from Indian bank (mandatory)

  17. Loan sanction letter (if applicable, then mandatory)

  18. Affidavit (take it along if you have it, wont be harmful, I swear)

  19. Financial support letter from parents (take it along if you have it, wont be harmful, I swear)

  20. bank statements of parents (take it along if you have it, wont be harmful, I swear)

  21. Passports data page (mandatory)

While she was going through the Deutsche bank letter she realized that I didn’t have the blocked account statement and before she could say anything to me I told her myself about it. I told her that I had transferred the money on 12th June and even after 10 days I have not received the confirmation from the bank. She was like, it’s okay and I don’t need to worry about it. She also told me that she would be providing me an email ID to which I have to send the transfer confirmation mail when I receive it.

If you have a closer look at the priority of the docs, she arranged the docs in a way which would make my case stronger like offer of room and German language certificates above other docs. When she saw my Goethe certificates, she told me that it is nice that I have German language proficiency, and asked if my course was in German. When I told her that my entire course is taught in English she was impressed and asked me then why did I take the language courses. I told her I always wanted to secure admission in the best automotive program for which my profile was just average, thus I gave up my job and did language courses and trainings to make my profile stronger and thankfully it all worked out and I got admission to one of the best automotive programs. She was again impressed by this answer and told me that I did a good thing. As I had B1 level certification she asked me in German the following things (this took me by surprise). The questions were:

  1. Be confident.

  2. Smile and be genuine.

  3. Cover letter (mandatory

  4. The VISA officer is a human being too; he/she may be bored after doing the same thing again and again. Try to involve in the conversation and be lively so that they feel good about you too.

  5. For guys, shave well and then go (it shows that you care about the whole thing)

  6. Try and be humorous but be professional about it.

  7. Carry all the necessary documents along. Don’t leave out anything. Just carry it. It won’t hurt you.

  8. Lastly and again, Smile!

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