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Visa Interview Experience

Onkar Anerao




Visa Interview Experience

Consulate:  Mumbai
Date: 21 June 2017

I am sharing my visa interview experience in Mumbai Consulate, I had an appointment at 9 am, I reached at 7.45 (why I did this, actually I just had casual visit to consulate the day before yesterday, just wanted to check where it is, and if I can get a chance to catch up with someone, who share experience, the security told me come before 8, so you will be release till 10:30-11, if everything goes right) so this is how it happened:

At 8 am security asked to form a line, then they took applicants inside, one by one, after security checking, I was asked to take out all the documents from bag and keep the bag in locker. After few mins, they provided the documents checklist, everyone needs to arrange all the documents according to the order in the list (2 sets as mentioned on consulate website). 

All the applicants needs to fill up 2 DD forms, the blank forms were available over there, but I would suggest download it from website and take the filled forms, do not waste time in consulate, because after arranging documents you will have to show the docs and DD form along with DD at one of their counter, where the guy check the DD and signed on the form, on the form do not write or sign at the point: “Represented By” here he will sign. Then he will give you a token number, this is number for visa interview (mine was 7).

So around 9.15 my number was displayed. (token no 7, window no 1)

VO: Good morning!

Me: Good morning!!

VO: What type of visa you are applying?

Me: Student visa, long term –asked me to drop the 2 sets of document in the tray–

VO: Which course you are going?

Me: -ans-

VO: Why Germany?

Me: >>> I started the ans but after completing first sentence, she cut me short and asked next question (she was very rude, very rude, speaking loudly), I got little upset.

VO: How did you know about Germany? Do you know any one in Germany? Which website did you searched?

Me: answered, asked which city your friends are in, answered

VO: What is language of the course?

Me: English

VO: Do the course has any fees?

Me: No tuition fees, only semester contribution.

VO: When course starts and what is the last date of enrollment?

Me: -ans-

VO: When did you completed graduation?

Me: 2011

VO: What were you doing since then?

Me: Working in Industry. –meanwhile asked me to drop all the originals–

VO: Which company are you working?

Me: -ans-

VO: Are you still working? Have you resigned?

Me: Yes

VO: When is the last day?

Me: -ans-

VO: Since when you are working here?

Me: -ans-

VO: Which was the previous company?

Me: -ans-

VO: Show me the proof of work experience, latest 3 months salary slips and experience letter from previous employer.

Me: shown, I actually misplaced the May 17 s salary slip, and she shouted for this particular one, I said, I do not have it with me right now, but I can get it. 

Then she handed over me the questionnaire paper, asked to answer all the questions. (some of the questions were: Why Germany? Which uni and course? how did you know about it? which all other uni an courses did you applied? how it differs from this course you are applying? name any scientist name of your research field. marks scored in 10th, 12th, B.E) While I was writing she said, I will have to get salary slip, till the time my application is on hold.

She asked me to put fingers on fingerprint scanner. Then she asked me to write an motivational letter on the back side of the questionnaire ( asked me to keep all the documents inside the folder and said do not look into any document while writing) Asked me to take a seat besides and write. once I finished, she give me a receipt of the DD submitted, and wrote an email id where I have to send the missing document (salary slip). Said it will take 8-12 weeks to process the visa, I said thank you, again blant face. Then I left.

After arriving home, I sent the salary slip on their email id. Still I do not know why these guys in Mumbai Consulate are rude. Guys I advice, be confident, be positive, do not afraid. AND DO NOT BLUFF.

Thanks, I hope this will help other who are having interview in coming days !!

Good luck. Cheers !! 

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