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Visa Interview Experience

Pavan G B




I had booked my Visa interview at the first slot, i.e. at 9.00 A.M. I reached the consulate at 8.30 A.M. The  security personnel checked by appointment letter and passport and allocated the counter 3. The VO was a lady

VO : Good morning
Me : Good Morning

VO : Please keep your 2 sets of documents along with your DD and Passport                                                                                    Me : Kept

VO : Which visa are you applying for?
Me : Student visa

VO : Which university?
Me : Paderborn University

VO : Which course ?
Me : Computer Science

VO : What is the duration of the course ?
Me : Two years

VO : When does your course starts?
Me : Told

VO : When are you planning to leave?
Me : Told

VO : Any German language certificate?
Me : Planning to attend classes in Germany                                                                                                             

VO : Please scan your fingers She put a D stamp on my passport and kept my Passport and Degree certificate. She gave me a
reciept and told to verify my name

VO : Please bring this reciept to collect your Passport. You will recieve an email within 4 weeks.
Me : Thank You

The interview lasted for around 8 minutes. My advise is to stay calm and answer the questions asked by VO loudly and confidently.

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