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Visa Interview Experience

Prasanth Dude




My Slot is at 9.10 Am , they allowed me inside at 8.30Am. After security checking they allowed inside and another security Person gave the checklist and asked me arrange 2 sets according to the list. After arranging all the documents he gave me token number 11. After waiting for 30 minutes they displayed my token number and I got counter no:4.

Me: Good Morning

VO: GoodMorning( Seriously)

VO: She checked all the documents, DD and Marked my Name in Admission Letter and asked which University You are going to?

Me: TU Bergakadieme Freiberg.

Vo: Your course is Computational Material sciences?

Me: Yes madam.

VO : You completed your Bachelors in 2015?

Me: Yes madam.

VO : So then what were you doing these 2 years?

Me: I was working in an Automobile company.

VO: Have you given offer letter?

ME: Yes madam, I had attached. Please check.

Then she keep on typing for around 5 minutes and then she took Fingerprints.

VO : So what are your plans after Masters?

Me: I will return to India and find a Job, there will be handful of Opportunities once we complete the course.

VO: she gave visa receipt and stamped on my passport and said You will receive a confirmation mail and follow the instructions mentioned in the mail.

Me: Thank you.

She didn’t asked me any financial documents and she neither asked about the accommodation.

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