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Visa Interview Experience

Rohan Sahuji




Appointment booking

“Firstly, getting the required appointment date was tough for me. It was late when I realized that I should have booked the date earlier. Anyway, I got the date of 29th August on first booking while my university had asked me to arrive by 8th September. So later, after completing my documents, I started calling VFS. You should be ready with all docs before you call because you might get a date of the next day itself and you wouldn’t want to miss it. So, after calling VFS 30 times in 3 hours, I got date preponed to a suitable date for me.”

Visa Interview day

My slot was for 9 am. I reached there at 8:30 am hoping that I would be among the firsts to arrive so that I’d get it all done early but, I was some of the lasts to arrive there. They didn’t even see the appointment letter. They just checked my name in the list they had and ticked it. I didn’t waste much time arranging the docs since I already had arranged those before going. Saves a lot of time.

Next, at the checking counter I handed over the DD (with two DD forms) and Passport. The man pointed out that the word ‘the’ was missing in the beneficiary name of my DD. He asked me to wait and verify if it was acceptable. Fortunately, that didn’t cause an issue and they accepted it. The declaration forms I had got were vertical formats with text in English and German side by side. This format is outdated. Get the new one with Text in German on top and in English on bottom. They gave me new forms and I attached those. He gave me back the DD and passport with a token number and kept the old declarations I had brought with him.

After a long waiting time, I stepped in for interview. Mine was counter no. 4. A young woman in mid twenties. She asked general questions while having a look over the two sets of docs like
Which Course? Which university? Tuition fees? What does sponsor do? Duration of course? Language of course? She marked important points in docs. Then an unusual question was asked. I had provided Goethe A1 Certificate. She asked that why did I learn German if my course was in English. I explained her the necessity of language to communicate with the local people. Further questions were:

Did you have any backlog? (Answer truthfully here)

Which other universities I had applied to? Why not those universities? (Answer accordingly)

While checking the docs she returned some docs which were as follows:

10th 12th certificates (Mark sheets accepted, Certificates returned)

Sponsor’s ITR documents

Sponsor’s account statement (Affidavit accepted)

Here I was asked for another new document. a photo id proof of my sponsor. Either a copy of my sponsor’s pan card or passport. I panicked there cause I had never heard of requirement of such document. I do not live in Mumbai so I couldn’t even get it on that day. Then she said, its fine and I can mail them the scanned copy of it later. I’d recommend to people who have parents as sponsors, kindly take a copy of their pan card or passport also.

Next issue was blocked account confirmation (DB India). I had attached the English version. She asked me to get the German Version. I had it ready in folder just in case. After she was done verifying the originals, I submitted the German Version and then reading it she said that it was not the actual confirmation document they need. It’s some difference between Konntoferrug and Konntogeld document. I said that the bank mailed me these copies and nothing else. Then she checked for a while and then asked me to give back the English Versions. I asked her if it was alright. She said its fine. They generally look for German version but English is fine. So apparently there was some mistake in the German Version of my confirmation. So, I’d recommend you to carry the English Version also so that if the German Version had some errors, English one might work.
Then she handed me a questionnaire which I answered as I had prepared. I had heard that a letter of motivation was to be written on back side of this questionnaire but when I asked the lady, she said me that there’s no need to write it.

Further documents I hoped she would ask for but didn’t:
Work Experience
Travel Insurance

She then stamped my passport and marked D4. Handed me the receipt of payment and a small slip stating details on how and where to send the scanned copy of photo id of sponsor.

Hope this helps you!

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