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Visa Interview Experience

Sandeep Krishna




Consulate: Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Date and time: July 12th 2017 at 8.20

I reached the Consulate by 7.30 am. Do not carry any bags along with you as it wont be allowed inside. it has to to be kept outside at the own risk. Inside security a tiny locker will be given for placing mobile. Security check was completed by 7.45 am and by 7.50 am entered the consulate hall.

A Sir from the desk called the names one by one and himself arranged the two set of documents as per check list and wrote the name behind the DD and handed us the token.

The checklist Order was as follows:

  1. Visa Application form (Mention the tentative travel date in the form)

  2. Declaration form

  3. Cover letter

  4. Admission Letter

  5. Degree Certificate

  6. Consolidated and all Mark-sheets

  7. IELTS

  8. German Language Certificate ( if you have or if course demands german language)

  9. GRE certificate (If you have)

  10. Blocked Account statement

  11. Travel Insurance

  12. Passport data page

If your course does not have any tuition fees no need to attach any other documents like bank statements and ITR of parents (For Chennai Consulate) By 9.30 my documents was arranged and I was given token no 7. only window 2 and 4 were opened. There were issues going on with the previous Schengen Visa applications and VI officers were in angry and shouting at them, this made me tensed as next was me. By 9.50 My token was called at window no 2.

VO: Good Morning Sir

Me: Good morning M’am

VO: Could you please your set of documents and DD

Me: Sure Maa’m she started to Look my documents and started to enter informations in the system

VO: Which University Sir

Me: Told

VO: When does your Course start

Me: Told

VO: is your Course in English

Me: Told

VO: What were you doing for a year after Bachelors

Me: Told

VO: does the University needs GATE score ( I attached my GATE scorecard in documents)

Me: Yes M’am , University evaluated my application along with GATE Score

VO: whats your Bachelor’s Percentage

Me: Told

VO: whats your Plans after MS

Me: Told

Most of the time were spent she typing the information in the system and I was standing still. Then she asked me to place the fingers for bio metric scanning and gave me the receipt of DD and said me the final decision will be sent via Email in 4 weeks of time.

Me: is that all M’am

VO: Yes Sir with a smile

Me: Thank you M’am

and Left the Consulate came out of the Consulate by 10.10…The entire VI was very smooth. Just arrange your Documents as per Checklist and don’t add any unnecessary documents. This makes the VI to get tensed. Have breakfast before entering the Consulate

Best Wishes, Cheers ūüôā ¬†

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