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Visa Interview Experience

Santhosh Kumar



Paderborn University

Visa Interview Experience

Consulate: Bangalore

Date and time: 14th July 2017, 11.00 am

Visa interview was scheduled at 11:00 am. I reached the consulate at 11:03 AM (Bangalore Traffic..Ughhh)

Security asked me to provide printout of Appointment and Passport. He verified the information and asked me to switch off my Mobile Phone and keep it in the bag which I obliged to. He told me my interview will be in counter 3 and asked me to wait. 2 mins later my name was called.

Interviewer was a Lady may be in her 30’s.

M : Good Morning

I : Good Morning

I : Which Visa are you applying for?

M : Student Visa

I : Where are you from and what to do you do?

M : From Bangalore, Works as Software Engineer for Itron.

I : Put two set of documents along with your Passport, Photo and DD in the tray

M : I did

I : When are you planning to travel?

M : September 20th

I : When does your course start?

M : Orientation Course starts on 2nd October 2017. Classes from 9th of October.

I : Which University?

M : Paderborn University

I : Which Course?

M : M. Sc. In Computer Engineering (Embedded Systems Specialization)

I : Did you find accommodation?

M : Applied for the same in the Studentenwerk. Expecting to hear from them by August Last week.

I : Asked for Biometrics(Fingerprints)

M : Done.

I : What was your IELTS Score?

M : 7.5

I : Any German language proficiency?

M : Yes. A1 certificate from from Goethe.

I : Asked for my Original Degree Certificate.

M : I provided it.

I : Do you have Xerox copies of DD.

M : Yes, I do. Handed over two copies of the same.

I : Gave back my application and asked me to paste Photos on both of them.

M : I did

I : Asked me to fill a survey form from DAAD.

M : I did

I : Any questions

M: Yes. Do I need to submit my GRE scorecard?

I: No. Not Necessary. Gave me a receipt and asked me to check my name on it.

M : I did. It was correct.

I : Okay. That’s all. We will inform you the decision by Mail within 6-8 weeks. Bring this receipt then and collect your Passport and Original Degree Certificate.

M : Sure. Thank you very much. Have a Nice day.

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