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Visa Interview Experience

Seles Abraham




Initial Step is to book an appointment through VFS (by call or by mail). No online booking provision is available for Mumbai Consulate. I got the visa interview date for 4th of January 2018 at 9 AM. I reached the Mumbai German consulate at 8:00 AM (Nariman Point). At around 8:15 AM the  security guard asked all the applicants to stand in a line and proceed one by one from the main gate for security check. Once you enter the main gate, they ask you to carry only your files and documents and ask you to switch off your mobile. Then they ask you to keep your bag in a locker and a token is given(to be precise locker token).

The guard then gave me a checklist page and asked me to arrange DD and two DD form with a photograph separately. And the two set of documents separately.

Checklist Order : 

  1. Application form

  2. Declaration form

  3. Motivation letter

  4. Admission letter

  5. Marksheets - University/12th or diploma /10th(arranged in Descending order along with Backlog marksheets)

  6. Blocked account (not older than three months)

  7. Financial proof docs (if tuition fees)

  8. Proof of English language proficiency (not older than 2 years)

  9. Goethe certificate (not older than 1 year)

  10. Copy of Passport

Now I had a confusion about the Motivation letter and cover letter (because in the checklist mentioned on the website shows cover letter, there is nothing as such mentioned about motivation letter).

I was told by a student that recently Mumbai consulate had started asking Motivation letter so I had carried two copies of it. So, I could arrange it with my cover letter (first the motivation letter then the cover letter and so on according to the checklist).

Once the documents were arranged, I was asked to sit in a row and according to the sequence you are seated, one by one we were asked to proceed to a counter where your documents are verified and you get a token number (remember your VI takes place inside, a different counter — I could see 4 counters with a number displayed on it as Counter 1, counter 2, counter 3 and counter 4).

It was my turn for document verification. I went and the person at the counter asked me, which Visa I am applying for and to provide him with my DD, two DD forms, a photograph, and my original passport. He had a look and asked me to show him my two set of documents. He just checks whether we have arranged properly and signed wherever required. He gives back whatever set of documents he took and gave me a token number.

Again you have to go back and sit in a row. On the display board, your token number and a counter number will be displayed. Once your token is displayed, you are supposed to go to the respective counter. I was at the counter for my VI at around 8:50 am. She asked me to submit all the set of documents. She said that by the time she fills in my details on her system, I can fill the questionnaire page and at the back of the questionnaire page she asked me to write LOM. I was asked to be seated and fill the same.

Once she was done with the entry on her system, she called me and asked for my original documents and later asked few questions.

  1. Why Germany?

  2. What is the name of the course?

  3. Why this university?

  4. Duration of the course?

  5. Any tuition fees?

  6. Any Atkt? If so how many and reason?

Write LOM on,

That is it!

At last, my fingerprints were taken (both hand all five fingers) and she gave me my passport with a stamp on it (D4) and a receipt for the DD. She asked me to complete the questionnaire and submit it to her and then I can leave. 

I was outside the consulate at around 9:20 AM.

My confusion was about motivation letter.

As I mentioned above, in the checklist Motivation letter was mentioned. But the interviewer gave back the copy of Motivation letter and kept the cover letter with the set of documents. A friend of mine was not carrying Motivation letter so he was told that it is okay if he doesn’t have as he had the cover letter. (I had motivation letter but at the end, the interviewer gave back my Motivation letter)

Anyways you are asked to write LOM on the back side of the questionnaire. So you have to prepare Motivation letter prior itself so that you don’t have to think a lot and take much of time for LOM

  1. Why Germany?

  2. Why that particular course and university?

  3. If you have changed your field then write the reason behind it. What made you change the field?

  4. If your university has fees then who is sponsoring your fees?

  5. What after Masters?

I would suggest to carry two copies of motivation letter (just to be safe).

Finally, I got my Visa approval mail on 29th of January 2018 at around 10:30 AM.

All the Best!!

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