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Tanmay Kadam




Hello guys,
Around 2 months back, on 12th May I had booked my appointment for the date of 19th July 2017. That was the time I realized seriousness of the situation. How tough it was to get the slot? I would thus request you to book the VI date as early as possible, because it really becomes difficult to get the desired slot, specially at Mumbai Consulate.

First of all, arrange all the necessary documents in exact same order as given in checklist. Many people have already mentioned the correct order on this website, so I need not go in detail with that. Remember this is the only thing that irritates them the most. So make sure you have two identical sets of those documents and one set of original documents in that order.
So finally the day arrived! Though I had 9.00 AM slot, I reached embassy by 7.45 AM. There was light raining in the morning, so we were asked to stand in a queue under the shed by a Guard over there. Around 8 o’clock I went in for the security checks and was told to keep the necessary documents with me, as my bag was then kept inside a locker. Then we were told to write our Name, Mobile No. and Passport No. behind our DD and make a set of a passport size photograph (as required by embassy, mentioned on official website) , a DD of 60 Euros (INR 4400), and Two DD forms. We need to show this set along with our other documents to a guy at the counter, where we’ll get our Token Number. Now the actual wait begins! It was around 8.45 that I was ready with all my documents and Token no. Finally it was 9.00, when they started calling out the Token nos. to their respective counters. Till 9.30, only two counters were open out of total 5. It was around 10.15 AM when mine Token No. was called to Counter No. 5. The interviewer was young Indian lady in her mid 20’s. We exchanged greetings, followed by which she asked me to drop my two sets of the documents (as per the order), a set of DD with two DD forms and my Passport. She asked me very basic questions such as,

  1. Why did you chose Germany of all countries in the world?

  2. Which University?

  3. Which course?

  4. Medium of instruction?

  5. Any tuition fee for this course? Hod did you arrange your funds?

  6. When is your course beginning?

  7. When did you complete your Bachelors? and what have you been doing since then?

  8. Any backlogs?

  9. What was your job profile and how was it related to your study of interest?

  10. Marks of 10th, 12th and B.Tech CGPA.

After that, she gave me a checklist to fill in, which had some 10 questions and there was a little space provided, where we are supposed to fit our answer. Some of the questions were,

  1. Name few researchers in your field of interest. (Don't just mention the names of your professors)

  2. How many universities did you apply to? And why did you chose this particular university over others?

  3. Name few course modules that you are interested in!

  4. How did you get to know about this course and this university?

She then took my fingerprints, and told me that, “It may take upto 12 weeks to get the confirmation of VISA, I am now giving you the receipt of payment. You will be informed about the decision by mail, post which you will need to come here for Final Stamping. Thank you.’ And it was done! She didn’t ask me to write LOM nor did she ask me any work experience proof. All in all it was a good experience for me. You just need to stay calm and composed. Answer every question she asks with confidence. I remember, when I was answering ‘Why Germany?’ question of her’s, I could see her closed smile which clearly was a result of hearing the same, repetitive responses from students. I immediately modified my answer giving more personnel and pragmatic approach to why Germany is suitable destination for me! Still I would suggest you to be prepared with everything. Even make a draft in your mind of what all things you are gonna write in the case she asks you to write the LOM. Everything will fall in place.

Don’t worry, just be relaxed and go for it. All the very Best.

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