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Visa Interview Experience

Tilak Bharadwaj




Visa Interview Experience

Consulate: Kolkata

Date and time: 4th July 2014, 11.00 am


My name is Tilak Bharadwaj and I gave my visa interview on 04/07/2017 at 11 am slot. I reached the consulate general at 9:45 am and asked the security guard if he would let me in to which he denied and asked me to come 15 minutes prior to ur appointment time. I waited there for 30 minutes when it started raining slightly. There were two more native bengali people with me waiting outside. We anticipated that it is going to be a heavy downpour and when we requested he let us in but didn’t allowed us to get through the second door. When it was just 15 mins to our interview he completed the security check and provided us locker keys to keep our bags and mobile inside. He only allowed us to take documents inside.

Once I was inside I saw there was only two candidates sitting and one candidate going through his VI. There was only one Visa Officer taking the VI. Other two windows were empty. The VO was an Indian Bengali woman in her late twenties. By observing her taking 3 interviews before mine I came to the conclusion that she was very rude and was not considering even a slightest of mistake. My turn came after half an hour of my scheduled timing i.e. at 11:30 am. She smiled at me and asked me to give he two sets of all documents. I have already arranged them by order with the help of checklist provided in website. She was amazed by that and asked me how I knew the sequence. Actually unlike other consulates in kolkata, the visa officer provides the checklist and you have to arrange the documents according to it right infront of her. During that time she would take your dd and process it. As in my case she stated that It was good that I came prepared and started asking me for the originals of each corresponding documents. After this she gave me the checklist and ask to tick all the documents in that list. During that time she asked me what is the tuition fees and wrote it down somewhere. Then she processed my dd and gave me the receipt. Then she noticed that I haven’t submitted any work experience cirtificate and asked about it. To this I replied that I am a fresh graduate and only have Internships done. She asked me to submit those originals which I did. She took all my originals and kept it in a separate folder After counting the total number of original certificates and writing that number in the checklist. After this she smiled at me and said that the interview was over and that they will let me know by mail when the result will be out.

So there were no questions asked about my course nor any questionair given to filled up in kolkata consulate which I think was fantastic and a bit strange at the same time.

One more thing I would like to add is that in Kolkata Consulate the main thing is your dd. Make sure you get your dd from a bank which will write the whole name “Consulate General of the Federal Republic Of Germany, Kolkata” in the same line without missing any space in between the words. Any shortcomings in this regard is totally not accepted. There is only one option other than dd for payment in kolkata consulate i.e. through your own credit card. No debit card or NEFT/RTGS or cash is accepted in case your dd fails. They will directly ask you to make a new appointment and wouldn’t hear yo any of your requests. So be careful.

That’s it. May you have a pleasant VI at kolkata consulate.

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