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Visa Interview Experience





I had booked it in the very first slot at 9 am. I was inside the office by 8:50.. Appointment letter along with passport were checked by the security and a counter number was allotted. I got counter number 3. VI was a lady.

She asked me the first set of docs along with passport, dd, and degree certificate (originals).

I had arranged it in a right manner beforehand. She checked it and typed my info in the system. While she did, she asked me basic questions about my IELTS scores, course name, and duration of the course, and also my German language certificates.
She took 2 minutes to type the information and asked me for the second set. Later, i was asked to get my fingers scanned. There was some problem with the scanner, she had to restart the computer and meanwhile she filled the daad questionnaire form for me. After a while, the scanner worked and bam.. she gave me the acknowledgment with a smile asking me to wait for 4 weeks. She was very sweet throughout.Interview lasted for 10 minutes including the time wasted during the system restart.

  1. Be a little loud (if you're in counter 3. device has a problem)

  2. There were no extra documents asked.. other than what was mentioned in the official checklist.

  3. Formals is not mandatory. A decent wearing should do.

Documents asked,

  1. Visa Application form

  2. Cover Letter

  3. Passport data page

  4. Admission letter

  5. Semester fee payment receipt and TT

  6. IELTS and German Language Certificates

  7. Blocked Account Statement

  8. Travel Insurance

Documents I had carried,

  1. Visa Application Form

  2. Passport's Data Page

  3. Bio-metric Photos

  4. Cover Letter

  5. Admission Letters (German and English)

  6. Payment of Semester Fees (TT along with Receipt)

  7. IELTS & German Language Certificates

  8. 10th Markscard

  9. 12th Markscard

  10. 1-8 Semesters Markscards.

  11. Degree Certificate

  12. Transcripts

  13. Blocked Account Statement

  14. Travel-Health Insurance

  15. Work Experience Letter, Payslips, Offer letter, Form 16.

  16. Tuition Fee Extension Mail.

  17. Loan Sanction Letter

  18. Affidavit of Support

  19. DD

  20. Appointment Mail

  21. Accommodation Confirmation Mail

  22. Declaration form

  23. German health insurance (TK from Coracle)

Hope this helps. Viel Glück!

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