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Visa Interview Experience

Kshitiz Shringi

New Delhi



Hello Folks!

How are you doing? Hope you are doing good. Finally, I am finished with the final & utmost important process of Visa interview, which was at Delhi consulate on 29.06.2017. I would like to share my experience through this blog (Thanks to Uday!) of the same & explain each small stint of my experience chronologically as follows:

I had my appointment of 8:15 am & I reached ten minutes prior to it. They asked us (we were four of us who came for the long-term student visa) to wait till 8:15 & we all formed a queue in random order.  Then the guard at the main gate asked our names & started to roll people in. He asked us to drop our cell phones & pen drives outside. The moment I crossed the gate, another guard checked me thoroughly & sent me to a counter which was straight.

At that counter, they asked me to show me my passport & allotted me a counter. My counter number was 6. Then I crossed another channel gate which was on my right & there were 6 counters in total. Counter number 1-4 were in building premises while Counter number 5 & 6 were on the sideways. The interviewer was a decent looking Indian female who roll called the names as per her list. I was the last one in the list to be called.

She announced my name & I went to the counter & greeted her politely. She asked for my passport & one set of the documents with visa application form upfront. She kept on putting the details in her desktop asking me random questions like name of the course? Which university? your father’s & mothers name? Their profession? My tenth, twelfth grades? Who will sponsor you? That was it. I repeat that was it. She then gave me the set of documents & asked me to arrange the second set of documents in the same order. Later, she gave me a form to fill which had basic questions like why Germany? Why this course? Name two inspirational scholars of your field? Name the novel you have read? Authors name? Mention the story line? Which school did you pass out & what was your medium of instruction? Did you appear for CET? What was your rank in that? 

She asked me to fill that questionnaire standing in front. While I was filling that, she asked me where would you stay in Germany? I said I am still searching & the address mentioned in the form is of university. She then asked why are the two addresses (my residential address in Germany & professor’s address who name was mentioned as reference) mismatched? I checked the form & cooked the story that I will stay at a friend’s place & this is his address. Though, they were both the address of the university but with different buildings & so the post codes were different. She didn’t inquire more & asked for my biometric test. I did that & she asked me to give her the DD of the fee. I took out & gave to her to which she said that this is payable at Mumbai consulate & won’t be accepted. Then I offered her to give cash & she agreed. I deposited the fee & she handed over a print out of page to me, stating my file number for the Visa. I took her permission & left the office.


The Visa Interview is unnecessarily over hyped. It is the simplest process in your complete application to Germany. You just need to keep your documents up to date & you are through. And in Delhi Consulate, all the interviewers were Indians. So, it is very much hassle free as well. Also, for all those, who have received the admits & are unable to get the Visa appointment slot or are getting it for August, I would suggest them to prepare their documents & keep on calling VFS each day between 2 – 3:30PM each day, as the good number of appointments are getting negated each day & you would easily be able to reschedule yours to the nearest date!

Good luck for the upcoming students!

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