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Visa Interview Experience

Smriti Prasad




My Visa interview was at Mumbai consulate. Firstly, it is very difficult to get an appointment because the students can only call or email the VFS staff and request for a slot. There is no option of booking the slots online. There might seem to be an option to book the slot for D visa (post approval) type but that is incorrect as it differs from the student visa category.

The interviews are mostly held at Arcadia building at Nariman Point for student visa category. It was with a lot of struggle that I managed to get an appointment on 19th May for the 27th of July. And for almost an entire month, I tried to reschedule it but to no avail. Finally on 23rd June I was able to reschedule my appointment to 30th of June.

So coming to the interview experience, my slot was for 9 am but I reached there by 7.50am. They let us in immediately as it was raining. As you enter inside, your bags will be checked and you’ll have to take out your documents and keep your belongings in a locker. Once the security checks are over, the security personnel will give you a checklist for ordering the documents in a particular manner. Generally, it is as follows:

  1. Application form.

  2. Declaration form.

  3. Covering letter.

  4. Admit letter from university.

  5. Academic qualifications proof (Bachelors degree, semester wise marksheets from 8th to 1st, 12th and 10th marksheets and certificates).

  6. Blocked account proof.

  7. TOEFL and German language certificates.

  8. Passport.

Make a separate set of the DD and 2 DD forms. Travel insurance wasn’t mentioned in the checklist but it’s a good option to be ready with it. I wasn’t asked to show any proof of funds for the second year because my university has no tuition fees, though it might be asked for people having tuition fees.

Once all documents are ordered, you will have to wait for your turn until you’re called to a counter. Here, a person will check your DD and the application form and the declaration form. You’ll be given a token and then you need to wait for your turn to be called for the interview.

My turn came around 9.30am and I was asked to go to Counter 1. The VO was a young Indian lady. She asked me the usual questions like why do you want to go to Germany, why did you choose this university, does it have any tuition fees, did you have any backlogs, what is the medium of instruction etc. Surprisingly, she asked to write a letter of motivation. I was a little taken aback because I had only heard of people who had many years of experience being asked to write the motivation letter. I, on the other hand, am a fresh graduate with no work experience as such. She asked me to write why I chose my university, what subjects I have, what I hope to achieve out of the course. I was also asked to fill out a DAAD questionnaire which had the standard questions like what all subjects do you have in your course, name some famous researchers in your field, percentage in Bachelor’s, 12th and 10th. She took my fingerprints and after a while, the interview was done. She stamped D-4 on my passport and gave me a receipt as well of the payment.

Overall, the interview wasn’t very difficult. The only thing that should be kept in mind is to remain calm and composed and to reply confidently. There was a guy in the adjacent counter, who was very under confident and wasn’t answering the questions properly. He first said his course was in English, then he said it was in German and he finally said English. This just shows that you aren’t prepared and didn’t even bother to do your homework. There was another guy who showed up for the interview without the DD.

Just remember to arrange the documents beforehand so that it can save you time and you can get a token number quickly. Be prepared with your answers and do a little bit of homework about the place that you’ll be staying at, some tidbits about Germany and the recent events. Mumbai consulate is relatively chilled out so don’t worry much! ūüôā

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