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Visa Interview Experience

Uday Yatnalli



Technical University of Munich (TU Munich - TUM)

Arrange 2 sets of documents in below order

  1. German national Visa application form

  2. Declaration form

  3. Passport copy

  4. Cover letter

  5. Secondary School Leaving Certificate

  6. All academic qualifications certificates

  7. Blocked account Statement

  8. Travel health Insurance

  9. IELTS copy + German Language Certificates copy

Supporting Documents (these are not mandatory, but you are totally safe if you have them)

  1. Loan Sanction Letter.

  2. Employment Certificate (+Payslip, +Form 16)

  3. Your Parent’s 1-year bank transaction copy(+Payslip, +Form 16) (if they’re sponsoring)

ME: Good morning 

VO: Hello 

I put one set of documents in the tray in front as she dragged it in.

She quickly went through all the documents and started typing something.

As she types, she started asking mundane questions just to keep the conversation on.

VO: Why do you want to study in Germany?

ME: I blabbed something for a minute which she wouldn’t listen.

VO: Which course are you applying for?

VO: Masters in Communication and Signal Processing

she looked a bit baffled as if she has heard that word for the first time, she asks me-

VO: What is Signal Processing?

ME: It is a discipline in Electronics Engineering.

She smiled and said Ohk.

VO: Can you give me your certificate of highest qualification?

ME: Sure. ( handed over my original degree certificate)

She typed again by looking into it

VO: Do you know where are you going to be accommodated?

ME: Yes. I’ll be accommodated in one of College dormitories of TU Ilmenau.

VO: Do you have a confirmation receipt?

ME: No I don’t have. I’m yet to apply for accommodation facilities.

VO: Are you working? What is your designation?

ME: I’m working in Robert Bosch, Bangalore. I’m a Software Engineer.

VO: Please scan your fingers.

(4 fingers right hand, 4 fingers left hand, 2 thumbs together)

She put the D stamp on the Passport and gave that to me along with a receipt.

VO: Please bring this receipt for VISA stamping.

ME: Is that it!?

VO: Yes. You will get a mail from the embassy after few weeks about the approval of your VISA.

ME: Thank you, Have a nice day 

Duration: 9 to 9:08 am

She gave a checklist to fill in the middle of the interview. I think it was some survey sheet from DAAD. It had below questions:




Your state: (Karnataka/Kerala)


Course applying for:

Do you have any German Language certificate? (options-A1, A2, B1 etc)

Where did you take certification? (Options- Goethe, Other)

How are you financing your stay in Germany? (Options- Student loan, Parent salary, Other)

Some General Tips

  1. If you are taking VI in Bangalore, you have the option to book the slot, book a preferably first slot in the morning (9am). You’ll find VO in a good mood.

  2. Don’t panic if you are a bit late. My guess is that slot timings are not followed strictly. If you reach too early also you’ll be given the token, if the next slot is empty.

  3. Although my interview involved all simple questions, please do collect below information before you go for yours,

    1. Names of some University Professors

    2. Your Course structure and subjects

    3. General Information about University location

  4. In rare cases be prepared to answer bizarre questions like:

    1. Why do you think I should give you the VISA?

    2. What do I gain by Issuing the VISA to you?

    3. Why Masters? Why don’t you go for Ph.D. directly?

    4. How is your UG course/ Work experience relevant to your chosen course in MS?

  5. Don’t worry about what to answer for these questions, just give some sensible answers!

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