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Reconsideration Letter for Master’s Programs in German Universities

Reconsideration Letter for Master’s Programs in German Universities

Getting admission to your dream course at a top university in Germany is surely an achievement to rejoice. Sometimes, even when you have the necessary qualifications and meet the admission requirements, there are chances that your application can still be rejected. It is a setback, but all is not lost! German universities give you an option to appeal against the decision of the admission committee. Generally, you have one month to appeal from the date of your rejection. You have to send your reconsideration letter for Germany within that time span.

What is a Reconsideration Letter?

A reconsideration letter is a formal letter written to the authorities concerned at the university, requesting them to reconsider your application for the Master’s program that you applied for. The letter should essentially convince the authorities that you meet all the requirements, and your application was wrongfully rejected. The letter should prove that you are a worthy candidate for the program.

Why Should I Write a Reconsideration Letter?

Reconsideration Letter for Germany

Source : Colleges of Distinction

When you are at the bottom, the only way is up! You have nothing to lose, so it is definitely worth trying. You should consider writing a reconsideration letter as it gives you another shot at your dream course.

One of the most common reasons for rejection is the lack of required ECTS points from your bachelor’s degree. You can use your reconsideration letter to explain and prove that you have the required ECTS points.

In some cases, the admission requirements state certain bachelor courses or disciplines as acceptable. The bachelor course you studied might have the relevant subjects required, but fall in a different discipline or be a combination of different streams. The university might have rejected your application for that reason. In such cases, your reconsideration letter can explain and convince the admission committee that you have studied the required subjects and have the necessary foundation to pursue the Master’s program.

There is also a possibility that your credentials were overlooked and were not scrutinized thoroughly. You can highlight them in your reconsideration letter and bring them to the notice of the admission committee.

If the program you applied for does not have NC or restricted admission, your chances of getting an admission are high.

Do All Universities Accept Reconsideration Letters?

Some universities like the Technical University of Munich (TUM) require you to make a legal appeal against their decision. In such cases, you have to send a notarised reconsideration letter to the address mentioned in your rejection letter.

Universities in the state of Baden-Württermberg do not have a provision to appeal against their decision. Your only option is to file a case against them in the court.

If you are not sure about the university’s policy about reconsideration letters, send them an e-mail regarding the same, and get it clarified before you draft your letter.

What Are the Documents Required?

The documents required depend on the course that you applied for. You have to send all the documents that you had originally sent when you applied for the course, along with the reconsideration letter.

Important Documents

Some of the important documents that generally accompany the reconsideration letter are

Additional Documents

You can also include some of the following documents to strengthen your profile.

What Role Does ECTS Play in a Reconsideration Letter?

European Credit Transfer System or ECTS plays a major role in your admission process. Every course has some specific admission requirements, and ECTS credit points is the most crucial part of it. Your reconsideration letter should map the subjects mentioned in the admission requirements to the relevant subjects that you studied in your bachelor’s degree, to show that you have the required ECTS credits.

This article on ECTS will provide you with all the necessary information on European Credit Transfer System.

How Can We Help?

You might already be bogged down by the rejection, and it might be stressful to have to collect your thoughts to draft a formal letter without missing all the important details. We can help you with the process. We have a streamlined process and an experienced team to help you with your reconsideration letter.

We have a systematic approach, where we do the following :

Does It Always Work?

Well, there is no guarantee that the decision will tilt in your favour, but you will never know if you stood a chance if you do not try. That said, we have had a fair share of success with our persuasive reconsideration letters.

Apply for Reconsideration Letter Service

MS in Germany provides you a second chance at getting admission to your dream university through a professionally written Reconsideration Letter. Apply for our Reconsideration Letter service and take that chance.

Our Success Story

Peram Navachandu Reddy is our most recent success story, who got admitted to Master’s in Web and Data Science at the University of Koblenz, solely on the strength of our reconsideration letter. Peram had a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and had his heart and mind on pursuing his Master’s in Data Science. He had applied to the University of Koblenz, only to be rejected, stating that he did not meet the admission requirements. He approached us and availed our reconsideration service. We had a detailed discussion with him about his bachelor’s course and other credentials and analysed his profile. We then came up with an innovative solution to make up for his lack of credits in a particular subject. We drafted an effective reconsideration letter stating his suitability for the course. The admission committee was convinced, and Peram got what he aspired for; admission to his dream course! Such instances of triumph repose our faith in trying until the end. You could be on our list of success stories too!

To know more about our reconsideration letter service, visit:


It can be disappointing to receive a rejection letter from your dream university, but it is also heartening to know that it is not over yet. A well-drafted reconsideration letter with irrefutable facts and convincing reasons can turn the tide in your favour. When it is your last and only chance to appeal to the university that you revere, your best bet is to get the reconsideration letter to Germany written by an experienced team. Get in touch with us; we can unlock the door to your dream university!

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